Saturday, June 30, 2007


This week has been a strange mixture of unrelated tidbits from everyday life. I've gotten many things done but haven't managed to get anything photographed. Thus, there's no pictures at this time. I received my "goodies" from The Thread Studio. It is always such a delight to tear open the bag, but it was especially nice this time. Inside was a signed copy of Dale Rollerson's Surface Tension.

Here's a slightly embarrassing admission. I've been reading about "the embellisher" for quite some time without really knowing to what it referred. Eventually, I figured out that this mysterious piece of equipment was likely a needle punch attachment for a sewing machine. This was confirmed on the very first page of Dale's book.

I had actually heard about this needle punch/felting attachment over a year ago. I even saw parts of a video while visiting a Bernina dealership in Sumter, South Carolina. I was intrigued but knew it wouldn't work with either of my machines...a 1630 and a 1008. I asked Mr. Leichtner, my local Bernina dealer, about an "embellisher". He laughed and said that I was an "embellisher". If he knew anything about it, he didn't let on. (Maybe, refusal to keep up to date on Bernina's cutting edge resulted in the company's decision to stop selling to him. Who knows? Yet, that's how I got my 220 at 50% off. I knew the needle punch attachment would work with this machine.)

I bought the new machine about two months ago. I haven't taken the first stitch on it. I hoped to use it solely for this "mysterious" embellisher. I bought it when I took my 1630 in for repairs, to correct the needle that was hitting the bobbin plate. Mr. Leichtner never called to say that the machine was fixed. I finally just "showed up" last week with the 1008. The tension wasn't working properly in this machine. It was time for servicing....and finding out if the 1630 was working...and finding out more about this needle punch attachment.

Well, supposedly, the 1630 was repaired...only it wasn't. A belt was broken and I had to return it to the shop the next day. Fortunately, Mr. Leichtner had the part. I asked if at least ONE of my machines could be operational by next Tuesday...before the Fourth of July. Again, we discussed the needle punch attachment. He told me that the entire idea was a bad one...that felt "fuzz" would get into the back of the machine and might even ignite with the heat of the machinery. (Maybe, incomplete repair jobs and suggestions of sewing machine fires helped Bernina decide that this shop was no longer going to sell their machines? Who knows.)

All these minor problems and Dale's book, however, prompted me to call the Bernina dealership in Sumter. I now have "the embellisher", a video, the needle plate, and a 18" x 24" plexi-glass table attachment on order. Hopefully, one of the two other machines will be working by Tuesday.

My plan is this: Continue doing all the work before stitching on several pieces from my In Box series (that's about 75% done!) Figure out how to wind bobbins, thread, and operate the 220. By the Fourth of July, start sewing.

In the meantime, Alex got his first paycheck from Subway. Mathias has been given several opportunities to prove himself at Birmingham Royal Ballet. The company is in the midst of a "split tour"...half perform at three different locations in the south of the country while the other half perform go north. Mathias is part of the northern tour. With the company divided, there are opportunities for members in the second cast to prove themselves. Mathias is very upbeat about his chances. He feels very good about the way things are going. Today, he appears in all three pieces being shown in York....where he loved the cathedral, especially the crypt church.

I follow several wonderful writers that are members of "Friends of BRB". My favorite fan is easily Janet McNulty. She has written about so many performances and made me feel as if I'm there in the audience, watching Mathias and his new friends, applauding. Below is the Internet listing from last week's performances in Durham...where Mathias also visited the cathedral...he's taking advantage of a little sight-seeing too!

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Jacquelines blog said...

Hi Susan, I recognize the problems I had with the local Bernina dealer over here, I was so angry, now I take my machine for a 1,5 hour drive to another Bernina dealer. I think it's worth it, they have to understand where I use my machine for and what I want from it other wise I am in the wrong place...