Friday, July 20, 2007

A Great Friday

Today Mathias went to ballet at the University of South Carolina summer program and Alex went to work. Later, they rode bikes, played "Guitar Hero" at a neighbor's house, and went with me to the "About Face" art exhibit at the Columbia Museum of Art. Mathias is scheduled to pose for this mostly amateur figurative drawing group on August 7. There are other photos at:

During the day, I continued to bead more pieces in the "Black God" series. Around 3 PM a committee looking for original art for the Halsey Institute (a new hospital being built in Charleston) came to look at the "Strata" and "In Box" series. I had submitted a CD of images, resume, and contact information last month. It was thrilling to know that I made it through the first "cut" and that the committee wanted to see my work in person. They asked several questions and one was taking notes. I think the "studio visit" went very well...I'm hopeful but wisely not expectant.


Purple Missus said...

Hi Susan. I have just spent time looking through your family blogspot. You have two very handsome talented sons, you must be very very proud of them.

Alis said...

Great photo!

Good luck with the commission.

Wanda said...

ha ha No matter WHO and WHAT those sons of yours become..they will always be best of friends and little boys playing. Isn't that great to know? Have a great time!