Thursday, July 19, 2007

Mathias is on his way home!

Mathias is on his way back from England! He'll be arriving this afternoon. We can't wait to see him. He can't wait to have lunch at Subway, having his brother, the sandwich artist, prepare a feast.

I'm still working on the last "In Box" for my solo exhibition. It's strange how I've seemingly delayed the finish...Am I avoiding "the end"? Am I afraid to step back and view the work...critique it...wonder what else I ought to do...or should have done? Maybe. I'll have to think about this. What is "scary" is often an opportunity.

In the meantime, I finished two little altered books. One of these three I did last year. Now I've got a set. The next fifteen of so in the "Black God" series is also done...but there's still more to go...I'll post these later.


Alis said...

What wonderful little books.

Hope you have a wonderful time with your family.

Emmy said...

I realy love these books
And hope you have a great time

Nikki said...

What wonderful little books -- to be able to open the cover and find such a treat, what fun.