Monday, July 02, 2007

Tacky Inspiration

I'm so excited! After working tomorrow, I'll be in the studio for five whole days. I can't remember ever having such a block of time to myself. I have work ready to go under the machine...and at least one machine WILL be working by then. I'm totally on schedule for the exhibition coming up at Francis Marion. Yet, I ran out of my favorite purple craft felt. This meant a trip to Hancock Fabrics. While there, I naturally picked up some interesting yarns and more 100% black cotton thread. Also, I always check the polyester stretch velvets. Amazingly, there were colors I didn't own. The sales ladies and I started talking about "tacky" could we not? One of the "new" colors was a different shade of hot pink. We then found the most unbelievable tacky material I think I've ever seen. (It is pictured here...100% polyester stretch velvet with a pink floral pattern! Totally shocking!) Of course, I bought a yard and my head started spinning with ideas for a new "In Box" piece. I can hardly wait to start it...another piece for the exhibit!

I also shared my blog address with some of the ladies there. Now, I realize that my "In Box" series isn't on the first page of the blog. So, if you ladies are on May 2007. This is located at the right side of the page in the "archived" area. Scroll down. You will find some photos and also the images of the rusted fabric!

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wanda said...

ha ha ha I just have NO comment on this material!!! ha ha ha