Saturday, May 03, 2008


Today names were written on slices of mat board.

These were put into a plastic bag. Steve was blind-folded (and he complained that he hadn't shaved...but I didn't care!). He reached in....

...and drew out ART IS BLISS. Congratulations! Through CYBER FYBER, I have her name and address. Fairy of Gold will be mailed on Monday!

Now...for some more AWARDS!

Yesterday was the reception for the North Charleston Arts Festival. This event includes two juried show opportunities: Art (five categories: acrylics, oils, drawings/pastels, watercolor, and 2D Mixed Media), juried by Leo Twiggs) and "Palmetto Hands", juried by Kellie Scott of Red Sky Gallery in Charlotte, NC. This is South Carolina's fine craft juried exhibition (categories: Clay, fiber, wood, glass, metal, and 3D Mixed Media).

Above is a detail from In Box XXXVIII which took an honorable mention in Palmetto Hands in the category of fibers.

Above is Textile Landscape IV which took third place in the Art category for 2D Mixed Media.

Above is Book of Masks which earned an honorable mention in Palmetto Hands in the category of 3D Mixed Media. It was a REALLY GOOD night!

I really admired the outstanding craftsmanship and ingenious ideas found in the entries for Palmetto Hands...including (above) Mike Fowle's New Blue Shirt and (below) my friend Lee Sipe's incredible copper wire leaf. (Click on images to enlarge.)

Best of Show was Courtney Starrett's bracelet. While others didn't seem to approve of this piece; I found it absolutely delightful...creative and completely novel. I just wish the artist had been in attendance so that I might have had a photo of myself wearing it!


Julie said...

Congratulations on your awards Susan! You must be delighted :) And congratulations too to my friend Art is Bliss for winning your beautiful Fairy of Gold. :)

Doreen G said...

Congratulations Susan --I love the book of masks and isn't the New Blue Shirt piece fantastic.
Tell Steve that even though he is blindfolded and needs a shave he still looks ok to me.

Wanda said...

Hey Sue! Great work! A couple questions...I don't get the bracelet. It looks kind of like a bath net sponge but hard. How do you wear it? And is the copper leaf beaded??? the textile landscape IV a wall hanging? How big is it? And I agree with Doreen g....Steve's hot!!!!

Anonymous said...

absolutly fantastic awards!! And congrats for Art is Bliss on winning the stunning Fairy of Gold! That copper wire leaf is a beauty. I would have loved to see the bracelet on your wrist too! It looks like glass, curious as to what the material make-up of it is.
Karen (threadstory)

Wabbit said...

Susan, congrats on your awards! I love In Box XXXVIII. And thank you so much for sharing photos of all the winners' art. What technique was used to make the copper leaf? From the photo, it looks like it might have been wrapped or coiled and beaded. Marilyn