Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Working in the MacNamara Foundation Barn and Siren's death

(Please note: I've exceeded my photo limit today and have just purchased additional storage space. Hopefully, I'll edit this post with images by the end of the day!)

The ground level of the "Barn" here at the MacNamara Foundation on Westport Island in Maine has three distinct areas. The first is a two story entry hall with an open staircase and mammoth chandelier, lots of fabulous original art, an office, bathroom, and library. The far end of the building (or third area) also soars two stories. The stone fireplace dominates the combination dining and sitting area. The most fabulously appointed kitchen is visible through an granite topped serving area. I'll post images of these parts of the structure later.

The middle part of the building, however, is the STUDIO. Custom tables and shelves, color correcting illumination, windows to the natural setting, and everything an artist could ever want are but a few inches away. It is simply amazing. In the short time I've been here, I've started and finished two pieces in my "Decision Portrait Series", Blood Donor and Death Wish. I've also created a new piece in my "In Box" series and started a small experimental work.

While I'm away, my husband Steve is learning to blog. I didn't think I'd introduce his blog with this sort of message....but....on Tuesday morning Steve and our neighbor found one of our two beloved pet cats, Siren, dead. He's blogged about it on his new "Mouse House Inc." place. It is here.

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IDESIGN said...

Susan--What heartbreaking news! So sorry to hear about your cat, Siren. Perhaps your emotions will inspire a new piece, and that will be his legacy. Hope you are having fun, otherwise. ;)
Another of my designer friends inquired about your INBOX as she waited in our lobby. I think we need a little stack of your ArtCards to hand out--so these folks can find you! I offered to bring her to your studio when you return, with your new bounty of work! Can't wait to see the Red Room--or did they mean Scarlet?! ;)