Thursday, September 25, 2008

Tour of the MacNamara Foundation's "Barn"

(Above: The entry foyer to the MacNamara "Barn" on Westport Island, Maine.)

I was going to edit my last post but why....I have all sorts of new photo storage place on my blog! So, I decided to simply write a new entry as a "tour" of the incredible MacNamara Foundation building in which I'm currently living and working! (I type this with an awed feeling...still can't quite believe that I'm here and that this opportunity is mine!)

(Above: Staircase from entry foyer to second level.)

(Above: Upper level sitting area.)

(Above and below: View of MY STUDIO SPACE on the ground level. All these images can be clicked on for an enlargement!)

(Below: View of the central studio area.)

(Below: Another view of the studio area.)

As I mentioned in my last post, the main structure was once a 1860s era barn. Each piece was carefully labeled before it was dismantled....and rebuilt here on Westport Island. The tin tags are still visible on many of the support beams. The entry way is a set of double doors. Off the foyer is an office and the library. The staircase leads to the upper level with four perfect bedrooms. I'm in "The Red Room". Below is the studio space. Above is a fabulous sitting area full of beautiful, original artwork. From this vantage point, one can overlook the main sitting area, stone fireplace and the beautiful dining table.

(Above: The library....full of every art periodical printed...or so it seems...a total wealth of information and pages of inspiration!)

(Above: The Red Room....the softest comforters and sheets...the fluffiest pillows...and a lamp bright and perfect for bedtime stitching!)

(Above: The Dining area at the MacNamara "Barn" as seen from the second floor sitting area.)

(Above: The main sitting area on the ground level at the MacNamara Barn as seen from the upstairs sitting area.)

The central section of the ground level is the STUDIO. My particular area has natural lighting, two polished, solid wood tables, a shelving unit....and well anything my heart desires. In this area the painter and photographer also have space. There's a ceramic place called "The Camp". I haven't been there yet. The fiction writer and photographer are staying down the road in another MacNamara building called "Irish House". I've been there. The view is beyond words; the house is beyond ideal. I'll post images another day.

If this isn't heaven on earth, there is no such place!


Sue said...

It all looks utterly blissful. You will enjoy this! And I will look forward to seeing what this glorious environment encourages you to create. While I cleaned the hob today...

Julie said...

What an amazing place, you will surely be inspired by your stay. I am sorry about the loss of Siren.

Kimberly A. Bendillo said...

Ooooh! The colors and materials are delicious! I think a rendition of your Leaf Motif 'Inbox' would look nice in the dining room ;) Thanks for sharing--it looks and 'sounds' so wonderful!

Aussie Jo said...

That's a very tidy studio!! Enjoy.

Karen said...

What a nice place to create! I bet you will have loads of things going on in no time flat. So sad to hear about Siren.

Michel McNinch said...

Are you kidding me!? Is that your STUDIO! omg Susan. How perfect. I can't wait to hear all about it.

artisbliss said...

What a wonderful and inspiring place to work!

Sorry about Siren.

Gita said...

Hey Susan,
Your blogs are inspiring and beautiful, and I'm so glad you are having this opportunity. It's evident that your brilliance has found an appropriate nest! I'm in awe of how fast you create such wonderful pieces.
So sorry about Siren. Will keep an eye on the 'hood.


Yeah...what a dump!! hehe I'm SOOOO happy you are there and having the best time creating! YOU DESERVE IT SUSAN...RELAX AND ENJOY!!!

Wanda said...

Holy smoke! I can't even imagine a place like this much less having the opportunity to be there! You deserve every single minute there, Sue, and them some!