Monday, January 12, 2009

A Busy Weekend!

I cannot possible begin a post that would capture all the emotions, events, and important nuances of the past several days. I will not even try. There are no words that dig deeply enough or soar to the heights I've experienced. Suffice it to say that CYBER FYBER opened, compliments and champagne flowed, FIBER DAY exposed many to the wonders of needle and thread....there were family reunions, precious pictures, new friends, kindred spirits, and all the interconnectiveness that CYBER FYBER so very, very much more.

I blogged about some of it.
The announcements of BEST OF SHOW Postcard and ATC is here!

The reception video is here!

My stream of consciousness (otherwise known as grateful rambling!) from Sunday, January here!

Otherwise, I'm now manning the exhibition every day.....Sunday through Saturday....from 11 - 5. People come and go! All are amazed with the talent, the diversity in techniques, the number of countries and artists involved, the quality, color, texture, and joyous textiles on display. It is my honor to accept all the compliments on behalf of everyone who traded, sent work, left messages, and supported this effort.


Carol said...

When is the people's choice announced???


Posted at 11:33 PM??? Get to bed girl!