Thursday, January 08, 2009


This image appeared on the front page of the Life and Style section of The State newspaper today. After I read it, I went to the gallery and opened CYBER FYBER. Interesting people trickled in and out all day....not bad considering the opening reception isn't until tomorrow night! The entire article appears here on the CYBER FYBER journal...with all three images. It mentions tatting....but I've never tatted. When I read this, I smiled....figuring that this was just an embellishment. As an embroiderer, I don't mind embellishments, of course. Naturally, one of the first people to visit the exhibition was Pam Freck....from the Palmetto Tatters Guild! It was quite hilarious....but a fabulous new fiber connection for CYBER FYBER. I blogged about our meeting and also about Wilma Black who visited from the South Carolina Quilters and shared the Artfull Bra Project with us. I wrote this blog post on the CYBER FYBER journal, here.


Lee said...

congrats on the opening and the article, I saw it in today's paper :) hopefully I'll be able to make it by and take a look!

Cathy W said...

Congrats on your Opening and the article & just all of it! And Thank you for the many posts and blogs you are running, keeping everyone informed and updated. When do you sleep? (or have you slept much lately?) It's a fabulous show and I am excited as can be to be a part of it!