Wednesday, January 07, 2009

CYBER FYBER Exhibition video!

(Above: A beautiful flower arrangement I received today from my sister Wanda in Germany....a gift for the opening of CYBER FYBER!)

It's late at night! I hope I sleep! I'm so excited that I might not sleep a wink! Tomorrow is less than a few hours away. I've been dreaming, waiting, working, fretting, and worrying about tomorrow for an entire year! Tomorrow is the OPENING OF CYBER FYBER!

To celebrate, I've just completed the exhibition video. Click here to access! Enjoy!
There are more videos, award announcements, blog posts, and fun to come!
(Below: A view just inside the entrance doors to Gallery 80808/Vista Studios where CYBER FYBER is on view. Please check out the video to enjoy the entire exhibition!)


Doreen G said...


Sharon said...

Susan, I hope you did get some sleep! And enjoy the opening of Cyber Fyber! So wonderful - All the work you have put into this exhibit, and coordinating everything to make it happen! Thank you!

Julie said...

Beautiful flowers, Susan. I hope you got some sleep and that today has been a great day for you after all your hard work. There's a very big buzz in blogland about your fantastic exhibition.

Wanda said... aren't going to get a WINK of sleep!!!! ha ha ha I know you all too well!!