Sunday, February 01, 2009

Missed Links!

Moments ago I wrote the following words:

Catching up is a traumatic experience. One is obviously rushed. One is obviously anxious to tie up loose ends. One is more apt to forget about the details...some of which are quite important.

Well....I've neglected several important links. While the following information is undoubtedly incomplete, I still want to share it. For those of you reading and knowing that I ought to have included your blog posts too....please leave a comment or email me at! are a few absolutely wonderful, totally touching, definitively complimentary, and truly remarkable accounts of CYBER FYBER:

Meeting Jill Rumoshosky Werner was undoubtedly one the highlights to CYBER FYBER. As much as I worship a conceptual approach to artmaking and have recently learned that its isn't necesssarily BETTER than fine craftsmanship and sincerely felt personal emotions, I will always have Jill on a pedestal. I am proud, however, that she shares this platform with me. Our mutual respect, common interests, emotional attachments, and family ties make her a kindred spirit. I pray that our paths cross again...and again...and again. Here is her blog post of CYBER FYBER.

(Jill....I cherish beyond words...beyond dreams...beyond all my secret fantasties the words you said...."You really don't know how good you are". When times are tough, I'll keep this in mind. You are wonderful.)

I invited Arlee Barr to be part of the Invitational Section of CYBER FYBER. With this came many, many other interest fiber artist to which I was exposed. The connections were and will always be amazing. One of the fiber artists reading Arlee's posts and then my entries was the fabulous Nellie Durand! She honored me by coming all the way from Tennessee. We spent wonderful time together and SHE EVEN BOUGHT ONE OF MY PIECES! Her blog posts are here and here.

Postcard # 8 at CYBER FYBER was created by Betyann Shaver who lives in Aiken, South Carolina....about an hour or more from Columbia. Betyann was one of many fiber artists who started a blog in order to trade with me and be part of CYBER FYBER. Betyann continues to write, post images of her work, and be active in several charity causes through her fiber arts creations. She blogged about the exhibit here. The only comment on this post was from Doris in Iowa. Doris and I also traded postcards...but that's not what touched me. Doris and I worked together here at Mouse House. Doris was a graduate student. Neither of us were really INTO fibers and stitching at the time...neither of us had the time or a true understanding of our own personal needs. Now...however...we are both happy and productively creating fiber arts. Thank you Betyann! Thank you Doris!

And...lastly...Caroline Commins flew into Columbia for the show. Believe me...I've bragged and bragged about the fact that someone boarded a plane in California to see a fiber arts exhibit in South Carolina! Her blog post is here. We had a blast.'re wonderful and your work is so very, very lovely!


Nellie's Needles said...

Thank you for sharing the links to posts written by other people who also attended Cyber Fyber. I enjoyed reading of their experiences with you and being at the show. It was all wonderfully exciting and stimulating.

Wanda said...

thanks for sharing these links. They are such fun and bring yet another aspect of Cyber Fyber together.