Sunday, February 01, 2009

Missed Post!

Catching up is a traumatic experience. One is obviously rushed. One is obviously anxious to tie up loose ends. One is more apt to forget about the details...some of which are quite important. That's how I've felt for the past month or so.

Trying to cope with all the CYBER FYBER responsibilities has meant I've omitted blogging about a few wonderful occurrences that would have happened earlier. Thus, I submit the beautiful hand-dyed fabric created by Columbia artist Vernon Bowen!'ve read this correctly! This amazing man that hand dyed this fabulous fabric and brought several completely FREE samples to the CYBER FYBER Fiber Day (January 10th) is a MAN! Finally, a male figure is featured at CYBER FYBER. His talented wife is an exquisite quilter. I haven't decided what to create with these samples...but it better be GREAT. The husband and wife duo are listed here as BEEHIVE QUILTING...scroll down a bit!


lindacreates said...

These are wonderful dyed fabrics. I learned about art quilts from a man! He also painted beautiful fabric of which one piece I made my first art quilt. It is nice to see men in what most think is a woman's art.

Wanda said...

It is true. This world doesn't have many men in it. But I have to say, some of the prettiest stuff I've seen in magazines are done by men. And there are some awesome men designers! I think it brings another view, a different feel and a sort of makes things whole.