Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Trees....and other new work!

(Above: Cover of Trees, an artist book with Joyce Kilmer's poem.)

Generally I send an image of a completed piece from my Decision Portrait Series to the person who posed with a "rough draft" of the blog entry I intend to post. I wait to hear a reply....if that person's name is going to be included. So...sometimes a piece is finished for several days before I post. Today I've posted the last two finished....done last week and over the weekend. Scroll down to see them.

I also finished an artist book for my mother. The cover once wrapped around a copy of Washington Irving's Alhambra. The pages are tea-stained, collaged, and wiped with green dye. The binding is open spine. The letters for the poem, Trees by Joyce Kilmer, were cut from late 19th c. and early 20th c. magazine advertisements. I created a video...complete with music by Paul Forrest (real name!) from a CD called Music of the Trees....using the songs for ginkgo and oak. It's only one minute and forty seconds long. It is here. The post includes a story....a memory really....of being a tree in a second grade play. It was dreadful until my mother recited this poem. I hope Mom likes her "commission" that "uses acorn caps"!


Aussie Jo said...

That tree book is just beautiful, and what a very, very special mother.

Genie said...

Lovely work


Aussie Jo has no idea!