Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Work.....getting things underway!

(Above: My table of art at a recent art and comedy Ovarian Cancer Research benefit. Click on image to enlarge.)

Last week was almost a blur! Getting all the images, thoughts, and ideas written down and organized from our trip to Colma and San Francisco was quite a task but there were other things to do! Last Thursday night I participated in an evening of art and comedy benefiting Ovarian Cancer research. This is a cause that is near and dear to me....ever since the Decision Portrait I stitched of Linda Lynch. Happily, I sold quite a few items and thus made a nice percentage for the organization!

(Above: Another view of the Ovarian Cancer Research Benefit.)

The next evening my sister Wanda and her new husband Reinhard came for a whirlwind, 24-hour visit. They live in Munich, Germany and were trying to visit as many stateside family members as possible during two-weeks of driving through Pennsylvania...to Niagara Falls...on to West Virginia...further to us in South Carolina...and back again. They'll need a vacation to recover from this trip!

(Above: Steve, my sister Wanda and her husband Reinhard. Click on image to enlarge.)

With all this going on, I still found time to work on art and embroidery. In fact, I've accomplished several things.

(Above: Strips of sheer chiffon, 18" x up to 11 feet. The start of the hanging installation of epitaphs. Click on image to enlarge.)

First, I bought and ripped into 18" strips dozens of yards of three different, very sheer colors of chiffon. Some are ten and eleven feet in length. Some are only six feet long. Measurements, diagrams, and lists were also created. This will be my hanging installation of epitaphs. The first few are already stitched....free motion machine embroidery using a water soluble, adhesive stabilizer. To see the "test" pieces, click here.

I also worked on the six, large stained glass velvet and felt pieces I intend to make for the upcoming Blues Chapel solo show in Denton, Texas. Originally, I made four large works and these were sold. The nice lady who bought them loaned them to me last August for the show at the Pickens County Museum. I know she would happily loan them to me again, but this time I want six. Trying to create two that would match the earlier four might be difficult. Thus, I'm creating six new ones. Each piece will measure approximately 56" x 16". The plexi-glas will measure exactly 60" x 20". The finished frame size will be 65" x 25". Yes....being a custom picture framer comes in handy. These are measurements that not only look good but don't waste framing supplies and materials! I drew six small images on paper and then scaled them up onto a roll of white craft paper. For these pieces, I also cut six pieces of polyester craft felt and painted over a dozen yards of Wonder Under/Bond-a-Web. I'm ready to start and will post as these progress. To see how the original four looked at the solo show at the Sumter Museum of Art, click here. These are variations on my "In Box" series. My tutorial is here. (Click on images above and below to enlarge.)

Of course, I need another series like a "whole in the head".....because I'm still working on the Decision Portraits! Temporarily, however, I was out of tea-stained muslin. Today, however, six yards were purchased, pre-washed, tea-dyed, dried, cut into 22" strips, and ironed.

(Above: Tea-stained muslin for future Decision Portraits.)

Four new portraits underwent the xylene transfers and were started including the one below. The upcoming titles are: Pro Choice, Living with HIV, Nudist, and Vintage Clothing Vendor! In the evenings, I'm still hand stitching and will likely have the next, small Grave Rubbing Quilt ready and photographed within a day or so.

(Above: Living with HIV, in progress.....xylene transfer on tea-stained muslin. Click on image to enlarge.)

While Wanda was visiting, we talked about blogging, art, and life. It was the first time she'd ever seen most of my work, my studio, and even the house since the fire almost six years ago! One of the things we discussed was the fact that I don't read as many blogs as I used to. It does sadden me. I do miss so many things and work by such special, cyber friends. Please forgive me if I haven't read in months but know that I am working. At the end of last month, April 28, I passed the three year mark of blogging. (I had an "old blog" before this one!) I love blogging. It has been so influentail in my life and art. Time, however......well.....there's just not enough to it!


Guzzisue said...

have a wonderful time with your sister :-)

lindacreates said...

I am so glad you were able to raise money for Ovarian cancer research.

You and Wanda must have had an incredible time speeding through your fabulous work and sharing your love of art and family.