Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Getting Ready!

Sure....I've had several solo shows. Sure....I mounted CYBER FYBER last January. Sure....I've been planning for this coming February's show....BUT THIS IS SCARY! I've got so much to do before then!

Blues Chapel and Last Words now has its own blog. It is meant to function as a one-stop Internet destination for information. It is listed on the exhibition cards that just arrived. It is listed on the press release. It will link images and information for the email invitation from Gallery 80808/Vista Studios' 1600+ database. I'll use it on Facebook. So...I'm not repeating it here but providing this LINK!

I've also updated my page on the Gallery 80808/Vista Studios' website...and all the images in its "portfolio". It is HERE!

I've got a group of volunteers lined up to help with the physical demands of installing all this artwork. I've got two awesome friends to act as "ushers" for Blues Chapel during the reception. The reception is partnered with Blue Martini....a late night bar located in the same building. Blue Martini is providing Eboniramm, a local blues singer who will be performing as "Bessie Smith".

I'm still stitching additional Grave Rubbing Quilts....which will keep me occupied on our return trip to Texas and later today while we head north to Pennsylvania. We're spending New Year with my parents in Slippery Rock. Stitching always calms my nerves.....with so much to do and worry about....I need to stitch up a storm! February 4th will be here soon!

PS I updated "My Family Blog" with a couple of photos taken during Christmas!


Bill Evertson said...

Scary busy is something I have a feeling you can handle with aplomb.

Wanda said...

I hope you have your list! Or at least that Steve has one! You can do this..and once you are "in it", well, then it just proceeds. I like the idea of the "Blues Chapel" link...I've already subscribed. And I am excited about the Thursday show too!