Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Decision Portraits at Frame of Mind

(Above: Frame of Mind, an upscale eyeglass shop in Columbia, South Carolina featuring my Decision Portrait Series for the month of January. Portraits above include: and Artist, Self Portrait; Recycler; Vintage Clothing Vendor; Tattoo Artist; From Preaching to Teaching;Pro Choice. Click on image to enlarge.)

Recently I was given the opportunity to hang the Decision Portraits at a local, upscale eyeglass shop on Main Street. It's called Frame of Mind and it's located is less than a mile from both my studio and house. For the past several months, the owner, Mark Plessinger, has been jump starting the after hours/arts scene in downtown Columbia with a "first Thursday" event called FOM Series.

(Above: Frame of Mind owner Mark Plessinger posed with Twenty-Five Years Sober, Decision Portrait. Click on image to enlarge.)

Past events (which have grown to include several other businesses and vacant buildings on the same block as well as a staging area right on the street!) have included everything from Columbia City ballet's scantily clad vampiresses doing a scene from Dracula: Ballet with a Bite to inspired contemporary dance by the new Wideman Davis Dance Company; sculpture, photography, ceramics, paintings, and mixed media works by artist as diverse as Barbie Mathis, Jeanee Bourque, Alicia Leeke, Anastasia Chernoff, and Virginia Scotchie; an installation by Eileen Blythe and!

(Above: Frame of Mind has a great interior with a spiral staircase. This allows viewers to get much closer to artwork hung high on the side walls. The upstairs area includes a comfortable sofa and additional wall space. The image above includes Muslim and Patriot from the Decision Portrait Series. Click on image to enlarge.)

Unfortunately, I won't be able to attend the opening. Steve and I will be halfway to Texas. We're picking up Blues Chapel from the Greater Denton Arts Council's Gough Gallery. My friend Cindi Boiter will be filling in as me for the night. I've armed her with fliers that explain the concept behind the Decision Portrait Series and exhibition cards for my solo show next February. In addition to the portraits, I have several matted and shrink wrapped pieces of mixed media work for transfers on book pages with beading and stitching....from two early series: Black God and Life Everlasting. I selected these because they are "text" related.

(Above: Immigrants from the Decision Portrait Series. Click on image to enlarge.)

During the reception this Thursday, January 7 from 6 - 9 at Frame of Mind, 1520 Main Street, there will be poetry readings by by award winning poet and author Cassie Premo Steele at 7:30; Melissa Buckner, Kristine Hartvigsen, and Christopher McCormick at 6:30 and 8:30. (Kristine was in my recent Artist's Way I'm especially sad to be missing this art event!) Also, cellist Heidi Carey will be playing.

(Above: Poet from the Decision Portrait Series. Notice the sign on the counter: SHOP PROUD SHOP COLUMBIA. This is another local!)

I know there are several people wondering about the Decision Portrait Series...especially those who have either contacted me as a potential model or have already signed model's releases and provided images. Please understand, I have been working hard on my upcoming solo show Blues Chapel and Last Words. It now has its own blog. When the installation is mounted, I will obviously be returning to the Decision Portrait Series stitching. It is very exciting to be working on so many projects as one time. It takes a great deal of planning and thinking the days in the gallery manning the show and stitching on portraits!


Greg said...

You are an amazing artist. I love the Decision Portraits. Thank you for sharing this with those of us who arn't local.

Wanda said...

I love it! I love the fact that even though you can't be there, someone is helping out because there's going to be questions and interest and support! Yes, you work on several things at once...the nice thing about Decisions is that there never is an end, never a "last piece". It is so just goes on and on

lindacreates said...

This is fabulous Susan! How exciting for you to have so many projects in motion. The best of luck with your show, even though you won't be there.
Decisions is my favorite of all that you do. I agree with Wanda, there is no end, how great! Enjoy your stitching time while traveling.

Cindi said...

All went well, Susan -- we had an excellent turn out-- you would have loved the poetry readings. Cassie was very careful to reference some of your pieces in her readings. Talk to you when you return. Safe travels.