Monday, April 12, 2010

Only Child, Grave Rubbing Art Quilt Series

(Above: Only Child, Grave Rubbing Art Quilt Series. 16" x 16". Vintage doll's dress, antique quilt fragment, recycled felt, vintage buttons and linens. Hand stitched. Click on image to enlarge.)

While I was in Texas with Blues Chapel last November, I met many great people....including Connie Akers. Connie recently sent a package to me....full of amazing antique and vintage material. It spilled out onto my studio table in such a way that I could already "see" this little quilt. Yes, the doll's dress came in the stash!

(Above: Only Child, detail. Click on image to enlarge.)

It didn't take long for me to know exactly what to do. I spent Easter morning in the cemetery. Church bells chimed in the distance; the weather was warm; the sun shining; everything was perfect. I found the rubbing I wanted: ONLY CHILD. That's worth remembering...especially on Easter. I made other rubbings on another garment. I'm stitching on it'll take a lot more's a lot larger! Thank you, Connie, for such a wonderful gift!

(Above: Only Child, reverse. Click on image to enlarge.)


Connie Akers said...

Oh my gosh Susan. This piece is wonderful. Of course, I'm not surprised by that and shouldn't be surprised that you've done it so quickly. You do amaze and inspire.

Wanda said...

This is great. Sometimes things that you come to have speak out right away. Other times, it takes awhile. But you always know what to do sooner or later. Very nice.