Monday, April 12, 2010

More work for Grovewood Gallery

(Above: In Box LXII. Polyester stretch velvet, recycled black acrylic felt, previously painted WonderUnder (Bond-a-Web), chiffon scarves. Free motion machine embroidery, soldering, and melting. Unframed: Approximately 13" x 10". Framed: 19" x 15". Click on image to enlarge.)

Grovewood Gallery is about two and a half hours away. It only makes sense to bring several pieces at a time...especially since the gallery is selling well. addition to the small "Stained Glass" fiber pieces called "Windows" and the one larger "Stained Glass" piece, I also made two more small "In Box" pieces. Steve drove them all up to Asheville on Saturday.

(Above: In Box LXI. Click on image to enlarge.)
Also....last week I posted information about a workshop I'll be teaching just outside Salzburg, Austria. I used a gadget on the right side bar. It looked great on my computer screen....where I use Mozilla Firefox. Fortunately, my sister Wanda let me know that my entire blog was "a mess" while browsing with Internet Explorer. It is "fixed" now....and I've reposted the information about the contemporary embroidery class with links to the Cultural Studies Academy. Check it out!

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