Monday, April 12, 2010

New Work for Grovewood Gallery....WINDOWS

(Above: Window I. Polyester stretch velvets and recycled black acrylic felt with previously painted WonderUnder (Bond-a-Web) and chiffon scarves. Free motion embroidery, soldering, and melting. Unframed: approx. 12" x 10". Framed: 18" x 16". Click on image to enlarge.)

Grovewood Gallery is a wonderful place! I'm so proud to have my work in this outstanding location and thrilled that WORK IS SELLING! Last week I created six new pieces....miniature "stained glass" in fiber.

(Above: Window II. To see my larger Stained Glass fiber pieces. Click HERE. To enlarge, click the image.)

My husband Steve took one of my large Stained Glass pieces and these six up to Asheville, to the gallery, on Saturday while I attended a workshop called "The Business of Art" with Tony Rajer at the State Museum. I learned a lot and will soon have a new, trimmed, more professional looking resume and CV as well as a more eye-appealing exhibition proposal for the Decision Portrait Series. Since I've already got two shows scheduled for this work, there's no reason why it shouldn't travel to additional places. Rewriting this proposal is influencing the way I'm writing one for Last Words. Promoting myself is hard....but it has to be done!

(Above: Window III. To see the tutorial on this technique, click HERE. To enlarge this image, click on it.)

(Above: Window IV. Click on image to enlarge.)

(Above: Window V. Click on image to enlarge.)

(Above: Window VI. Click on image to enlarge.)


Bonnie said...

These pieces are absolutely incredible! I've really enjoyed watching your journey over the past few years.

lindacreates said...

Susan, these are beautiful! Do you sell these pieces? The detail is so lovely.

Julie said...

Awesome is not too strong a word! These are jewel-like and wonderful creations. Thank you for the link back to your original tutorial. I may have a play sometime but could never approach these beautiful pieces.

Anonymous said...

Great idea! Love seeing a creative mind work and gain success!!!!!! Hope it continues to grow!


Wanda said...

This new Windows series is awesome. And I agree with Julie..."awesome" isn't too strong of a word!! I am glad that you got so much out of the Business of Art workshop. Yes, promoting oneself is difficult but it has to be done. I've worked weeks on my resume in the past as well. We're taught to be humble and yet, we can't be on our resumes. And another thing...resume requirements have changed so much over the years! It's funny to look at your resume from 20/25 years ago!!

Eleanor Pigman said...