Wednesday, June 16, 2010

On Personal Appearances I, Decision Portrait Series

(Above:  On Personal Appearances I, Decision Portrait Series.  Stitched words:  I've dyed my hair for years.  Xylene photo transfer on tea-stained muslin.  Hand embroidery and beading.  Unframed:  25" x 19"; Framed:  31" x 25".  Click on image to enlarge.)

Kathryn Schmidt is a very talented quilter and the author of Rule-Breaking Quilts.  (This excellent book is also available through the American's Quilter's Society where there's several nice reviews!)   Kathryn's techniques are heralded as great for both beginners and more experienced quilters.  She embraces spontaneity.   "Stack-Slash-Move" and "Easy-Curvy-Sewing" are phrases that suggest energy, creativity, and a youthful exuberance.  Perhaps this is why Kathryn has dyed her hair for years!  The look suits her!  Her decision is a personal appearance choice....and it looks good!

(Above and further below:  On Personal Appearances I, details.  Click on images to enlarge.)

I don't dye my hair.  I've thought about it and know that "the time is right".  There's not so much gray that a dye job would stun people.  There's more than enough gray to be obvious.  Part of me wishes I would have deep, rich auburn hair.  But, I know myself.  I don't have Kathryn's resolve to maintain the color.  I'd have two inch roots before getting around to dying them.....but it would look good!


MosaicMagpie said...

Anyone who creates such intense, thought provoking art work, has the resolve to maintain haircolor.
Be a auburn haired beauty on the outside, you already are on the inside.

Margeeth said...

I think dyeing or not dyeing your hair is a personal decision. I have decided to let my hair just go gray, despite the nagging of my hairdresser. It is a natural process, nothing to be ashamed of and I would just hate the fuss of dyeing it and keeping tabs on it so no roots would show.

Susan said...

I really wish I did have the resolve to maintain hair color, Debbie....but I'm with you, Margeeth, I'd hate the fuss with keeping the roots dyed! I'm going gray too! I'll just have to be an "auburn haired beauty" on the inside!

Thanks for the comments!

lindacreates said...

Another great Decision Portrait Susan. I have to agree it is a very personal decision and for me gray is unacceptable!