Sunday, June 13, 2010

Xylene Photo Transfer Day

Today in Columbia, South Carolina it was 98° with a 104° heat index.  I don’t even want to know what the humidity was.  Yet, I had planned for it to be “Xylene Photo Transfer Day”…..and it was….despite the sweltering temperature.

There is no way to air-condition the garage when all the doors are wide open for ventilation.  I sort of tied my hair into a big knot on my head, donned my cute respirator, and went to work.

Our garage was built to my specifications.  It’s got an eleven-foot ceiling.  (Picture framing moulding generally comes in 10’ lengths.)  It has two large barn-like doors that open to the outside.  There are upright wooden racks inside.  There has NEVER been a car in the garage.  My husband cuts and joins frames here during the week.  He took the photos.

Now….I’ve got another amazing stack of Decision Portraits on which to work.  Everything must be done in time for the exhibition at The City Gallery at Waterfront Park in Charleston….opening September 15!

I've posted several completed DECISION PORTRAITS today.....after a nice, cold bath!  It gave me some practice with this new blog template.  I've got a few others that are complete but am waiting to hear back from the "model" before posting.  I had been putting one up every other day.....but fortunately I'm working faster than that and my coming week is more than a little busy!  I'd say I was "snowed under".....but not in this heat.  I guess I'm "drowning" in both sweat and work!  Please be sure to scroll down to see:

Die Wanted to Die at Home
Knight Riders
For Science


Elizabeth said...

I can remember the South Carolina heat from our days living in Charleston- YUCK!!!! You are one hearty soul to carry on with the respirator and all in the heat, but you ahd to do it I suppose- to meet our deadline. Hope that you don't have to do it under such conditions again!!!!!!!

Lynn said...

I'm amazed you did not pass out from the heat in that get up!

I will check out the others, this one is a beautiful mom/son photo and now I really realize how big they are.

Greg said...

Thanks for the peek inside your space. I'm really enjoying the decision portrait series. Your work is amazing!