Monday, April 25, 2011

I do / I don't, Installing the work

(I do / I don't, installation at 927-929 Gervais Street for Artista Vista 2011, Thursday, April 28 from 5 - 9; Friday, April 29 from 11 - 6; Saturday, April 30 from 11 - 7. There are lots more photos further down in this post. More information about the installation project is HERE!)

Last Friday was installation day for I do / I don't. It was quite exciting, especially since Wach Fox's "Arts Watch" program was filming for an episode that should be aired this coming Thursday!

My husband Steve helped me get a 12' step ladder to the site. I arranged all the veils and the ribbons on the floor ... roughly under where I planned to hang each one ... on single staples to the ceiling. The work went quickly.

On the shelves in front of the inset mirrors, I placed photos ... some framed and some just mounted on foam-centered board.

Each one included one of the quotations about marriage and/or divorce contributed by various people (friends, blog readers, people receiving my "newsletter" ... just sign up on my website's Home Page!)

These are the same quotations that are free motion embroidered onto the suspended wedding veils.

I had plenty of these photos for the beautiful, marble topped fireplace mantel too.

In order to have just one more place for these quotations, I've also made a book. I'll be posting pictures tomorrow...and creating a Flickr set too!

The filming was done by an expert camera man. The host of the program is William Starrett, artistic director of Columbia City Ballet. (I've known him for years. My elder son Mathias' first ballet lesson was a "private" half-hour class with William.)

Clark Ellefson, one of the first artists to work in the downtown Vista area and who has spearheaded events like Artista Vista, gave one of the interviews.

Jeffrey Day, who curated the group of installation artists, gave one of the other interviews ... as did Kara Gunter, one of the other talented installation artists. My work was a great backdrop for the filming.

William even shot the opening segment while walking through the veils saying, "Stay tuned as Artista Vista is UNVEILED".


lynda Howells said...

well done, it looks amazing. Wish l could see it for real x lynda

Julie said...

Wow! How fantastic and a great boost for you too. Congratulations Susan!

Wanda said...

Absolutely stunning! I just can't believe I can't see this for myself!! By the exactly are you going to be everywhere and do everything this weekend?? ha ha I'm sure there's a master plan!!


Very nice! I'll be thinking of you all weekend! Have a great opening! I'm so proud of you!

ParisMaddy said...

The reflections in the mirror look hauntingly beautiful. It's like a ballroom where past and present dances.

Congratulations. ~ Madeline

Connie said...

Beautiful. You just keep doing more & more incredible work. Congratulations.

Bright Shadows said...

That looks so interesting! It would be great for some couture fashion shoot.

Sarah Gupta said...

Hello! Just wanted to let you know that this art piece is featured on a post on Ask Doctor Lou!