Monday, August 01, 2011

Pins and needles ... and buttons and spools!

(Above: Detail of Angels III, mixed media on recycled wooden mirror panel. Click on image to enlarge.)

I don't pretend to know how much money the first trillion dollars is. I don't understand the economics of the debt ceiling or the battle lines drawn on Capitol Hill. I am worried though. Why? If the country defaults, the national parks will be immediately closed. I'm supposed to be leaving on Thursday morning for Hot Springs National Park ... to be the "artist in residence" from August 7th through September 4th. It is hard to get excited, to plan my departure, to determine what "goes" and what "stays" in my studio. I've got fiber projects ready and a hotel reservation for my night on the road. Am I going? Have they voted? Who knows! I'm on pins and needles!

Of course, I'm still stitching! The following work was completed over the weekend:

(Above: Lancet Window VII. All these pieces are: Unframed 28" x 8"; Framed 31" x 11". Click on any image to enlarge.)

(Above: Lancet Window VIII.)

(Above: Lancet Window IX.)

(Above: Lancet Window X.)

(Above: Angels III. Mixed media on recycled wooden mirror panel and frame. Click on image to enlarge.)

The other week I started working on three mixed media angel pieces. I finished the pair on linen canvas but continued to work on this one. I used an old mirror frame and its wooden backing panel. Once this mirror was attached to a dresser. It was fun pouring various acrylic glazes over the collaged surface ... to resemble tears of grief, appropriate to the xylene photo transfers of cemetery angels. I distressed the frame too.

So ... I'm on "pins and needles" about this week ... waiting to know if my residency is going to happen. Yet, I'm also into buttons and wooden spools! Last Tuesday I hit the jackpot at my favorite auction of used household items ... for just $19.00! The car to overflowing with the contents from three "table lots". It took nearly two hours to remove all the buttons from the paper cards and the safety pins and the carefully strung together threads. Obviously, these buttons once belonged to a seamstress who needed them neatly sorted. I prefer them like this! Okay ... not all the white ones came from this stash ... and these are the only ones I "sort"! The wooden spools will become more of my "ancestors". I also ended up with a nice stack of damask tablecloths and assorted linens. Plus ... I ended up with two giant boxes and three white plastic trash bags of material ... some ladies' sewing stash. I gave it all of my former studio assistant! It was too much to use, too much to handle, too much for me but the bonanza for her.


Lynn said...

Well you must be on your way right? I hope so. I mean things seem to be moving on Capitol Hill. I personally get sick of listening to it. My DH is a news addict and the TV rambles all day. He just came in to tell me that it's not firm yet...could take several votes. ArGH...I sure hope you get to go. Your DH will miss you!

All the art in the post today looks terrific!

Those buttons and spools make my mouth water too. LOL

Julie said...

I hope this is soon settled Susan. Impressive shopping! I am just clearing out the house of my 99 year old friend who died in May and have come across some lovely old linens and threads.

Elizabeth said...

Thinking positively for You Susan!! The residency will happen!! Do you have a specific task to undertake while there? can't wit to hear about it all. Your new window pieces are absolutely stunning!! I am so very excited to have your submission for Members Gallery at FCCA- jury on the 3rd!!!! Lots to do!!
So wish that I could have taken some of that damask off your hands- what a fabulous haul!!!!

EmandaJ said...

My oh my, I certainly hope you will get to go to the national park for your residency. Finger's crossed for you.


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