Monday, August 06, 2012

Photo from Galesburg and sad news

Greetings. This is another guest post from Steve, the mousewife's husband. I am sad to report that she will remain without a computer until at least Friday. I did purchase and shipped one last Friday, and she will receive it tomorrow or Wednesday. Unfortunately for Dr. Mike (Michael Kroll), his mother suddenly passed away last Friday, leaving the Photoshop and Microsoft Office Cd's in his shop. He had to go to Tennessee for the funeral and will not return until Thursday night. We are saddened for his loss, and Susan will be able to survive a few more days without a laptop.

Today she sent me a picture taken with "Pepto", her smart phone. The photo appears below.

Strips of lace made into the canopy's fiber bedposts. The picture is taken in the artist studio space in Galesburg, IL. (click on image to enlarge)

The installation is coming along great. Look for more pictures and progress later.


Julie said...

Very frustrating for you both but sad for Dr Mike. Susan's new piece looks intriguing.

Wanda said...

I just keep checking. Everything happens for a reason.