Friday, August 03, 2012

First Thursday Solo Show at Frame of Mind

(The following is a guest post from Steve, who is still trying to solve Susan's computer woes. Contrary to my appearance in this photo, I am not "3 sheets to the wind", but recovering from my last visit to the skin doctor)

Susan's solo show, "Sun and Sand", opened last night during Columbia's Main Street First Thursday art crawl. There was a nice steady crowd for the show and early intermittent thunderstorms cooled the outside to make the evening quite pleasant. Mark Plessinger helped to organize an antique car show outside his shop where 30-40 vintage cars were displayed. Mathias and I had an opportunity to drool over these wonderful autos of the past.

Below is a photo of one of the "Squares of Sand" series purchased by Anne Larson, who saw Susan's work on her blog. Three other pieces also sold last night. Her show is on display at Frame of Mind until August 25.

Yours truly, with speckled face, pointing to Squares of Sand 3 (photos by Mathias Dingman; click to enlarge, if you dare!)


Margaret said...


After reading several of your posts, I have to say you're doing a fine job of pinch-hitting for Susan while she is having computer troubles. You're a great guy, and I know she appreciates your loving support!

Elizabeth said...

Kudos to you Steve for going to the skin Dr. That Liquid Nitrogen is a stinger but it works, trust me I know!!! So good of you to sell Susan's fabulous work for you! Cool that you had Mathias there with you to take photos and share in the fun. have fun and success with the computer wrestling!!!!!

Wanda said...

You are great for keeping us up to date! You don't look 'three sheets to the wind'...not really. ha ha I hope the computer gets to Sue soon although I know we can count on you to keep us in the loop! Have fun with Mathias...and don't make him work so hard!! ha ha Yeah, I know, why have a kid if you can't get some 'free' labor out of him?!