Friday, August 03, 2012

Still off-line

This is Steve again. We encountered an interesting problem yesterday that will prevent Susan from accessing her blogs for a few more days. When the computer was ordered from Lenovo on Wednesday, everything seemed OK and the computer was to arrive today. However, the order was cancelled on Thursday because the shipping address did not correspond to the billing address of our credit card. This is a problem that I have never encountered before when making on-line purchases.

After several frustrating calls to Lenova and my credit card company to authorize an alternate shipping address, I asked them to process Susan's order. I was then informed that since the order was cancelled, her computer was put back on the "Internet" shelf where someone else purchased it. I was promised a call-back from the sales person to see if they would honor this price on another computer, but alas, no call came! Duh!! Now we are back to square one which obviously means that I will purchase a laptop today during the sales tax free weekend, and the new one will arrive early next week. I guess I'll buy another Toshiba (her old brand) today!

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Gerrie said...

You need to get her an iPad as a backup!!