Friday, March 29, 2013

Getting ready for Runaway Runway and New Work

 (Above:  Lancet Windows XXIV and XXV.  Polyester stretch velvets, chiffon scarves, metallic foiling, free-motion machine embroidery on recycled black acrylic felt with melting.  Unframed:  28" x 8".  Framed 31" x 11". Click on image to enlarge.)

I've been very busy since last week ... working on several pieces all at once and coordinating details for upcoming events like Runaway Runway, which is on Saturday, April 6th from 8 - 10 PM at the Township Auditorium.  I've participated in this fashion show of recycled materials for the past three years.

 (Above:  Felicia Finney and me at Runaway Runway 2012.  Felicia just won the title of Miss Richland County Teen 2013 and has a UTube video HERE.)

Last year my neighbor's fifteen year old daughter, Felicia Finney, modeled a two-piece outfit made from recycled black acrylic felt covered in white buttons rescued from the floor of the former South Carolina Department of Mental Health's laundry and clothing department.  (Yes ... that's the historic asylum here in town!  Access is very rare.  I was honored to have this opportunity for art.)  The red handbag was created from painted tyvek mailing envelops collected at Lenz Travel Services, my sister Sonya's business in Slippery Rock, PA.  Sonya came for Runaway Runway ... with her tiny dog Lulu who was inside the purse, removed, and walked back the length of the runway ... too cute for words.  (Blog post with links to video is HERE.)

(Above:  The Recycled Bridal Party with me wearing two plastic garment bags at Runaway Runway 2011.)

In 2011 I created an entire bridal party from recycled materials.  The event happened to fall on the date of the royal wedding.  It was lots of fun.  I blogged about it HERE. 

 (Above:  Bonnie Boiter-Jolley and me at Runaway Runway 2010.)

The first year I participated was 2010.  I made my first garments from recycled flowers and greenery salvaged from cemetery dumpsters.  Bonnie Boiter-Jolley, a professional dancer with Columbia City Ballet, wore one of the multicolored ones.  As a designer, I wore The Leaf Dress ... but it was never on the runway or entered into the competition.  

(Above:  The Leaf Dress.  Click on image to enlarge.  To view how it was made, Click Here.)

The Leaf Dress was made on a water soluble stabilizer.  Thus, the resulting dress is simply "greenery and thread".  There is no "foundation cloth" ... just leaves and stitching!  It can be washed by hand and allowed to drip-dry.  Since 2010, The Leaf Dress won second place in a regional, juried all media event called Art to Trash; first place for recycling in the International Wearable Art Awards in Port Moody, British Columbia; first place in "wearables" at the LaConner Quilt and Textile Festival; been in two national juried fiber shows (one in Yonkers, NY and the other in New Smyrna, FL); and been featured in both Marieclare Magazine Italy and Greece

It still has never been officially part of Runaway Runway ... until THIS YEAR.  Felicia Finney, who was just named Miss Richland County Teen 2013, will model it for me this year.  My sister Sonya and her friends Stephanie and Karie are coming to cheer her on again.  Yippee!  Since I really wasn't "making" anything new for Felicia this year, I've had time to work on more "stained glass" fiber pieces ... which is something I really, really need to be doing!  One of my earlier pieces is being featured on the Artista Vista Poster ... a result of being named "Artista Vista Artist of the Year", an honor coming from being named 2013 Jasper Magazine Visual Artist of the Year. 
(Above:  Artista Vista 2013 Poster featuring a detail of Stained Glass XXIX.)

Thus, I'm showing my Stained Glass and In Box Series pieces at Ellen Taylor Interiors, as an exclusive sales arrangement in the Vista area of town .. hopefully for about a month or more.  Thus, I'm making more new work.  

(Above:  Lancet Windows XXVII and XXVIII before being melted.  Click on image to enlarge.)

I've got these two Lancet Windows ready to melt.  In my studio I'm working on a new, large Stained Glass fiber piece, 58" x 18".  I've got several more planned ... busy, busy, busy ... and the weekend after Runaway Runway is the Elmwood Park Tour of Homes and Gardens.  My home, Mouse House, and my home studio are part of this event.  If that's not enough, my new studio assistant Charity and I will be installing The Canopy at Artfields in Lake City on the 11th!

(Above:  Window LXVIII.  Unframed:  12" x 10".  Click on image to enlarge.)

I've got several, small "Windows" to construct before Artista Vista ... so this one is just a start.  This blog post is also being linked to Nina-Marie's "Off the Wall Fridays", a site for fiber art works in completion and in progress ... both of which I've got here this week!


Anonymous said...

Wow, you have been busy, and it looks like you've been having loads of fun too. I like the idea of the recycled clothing and, as always I'm a big fan of your stained glass fibre pieces.

Sylvia said...

Looks like a lot of fun!

MulticoloredPieces said...

Hi, Susan. Your Lancet Windows are stunning. And your recycled clothing is so creative.
best, nadia

Nancy said...

I came to your blog through Nina-Marie Sayre's blog. LOVE your melted work as the thumbnail you posted looked as if you had used buttons (One of my big passions). Looks like you have great good fun doing what you do!

Margaret said...

You do these Runway events like nobody's business! Wonderful! And though I know you are younger than I, showing all that leg in that dress slit up to there! Well! You give Sally Bowles a run for her money! :-)

P.S. Pesach blessings...if you celebrate...

Judy Ferguson said...

I am just wondering if you copied that leaf dress from Eve in the garden of Eden. lol Could be the same design, after all.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I really like the lancet window pieces before they're melted!

Heather P said...

Amazing work! I been browsing your blog and I love your aesthetic.

Wanda said...

The pics from past runway events really got me excited for this year's big event! I hope you all have fun and I wish you all the best. Your stained-glass pieces are, of course, awesome. Oh, I look forward to seeing how Felicia as grown up...she's so beautiful in the 2012 pictures...looking forward to the 2013

Wanda said...

I forgot to mention the poster....can you get me a copy??? It's fabulous!