Thursday, September 05, 2013

Lunettes, playing with thread, and showing art!

(Above:  Lunette V. Unframed:  17" x 21".  Framed:  23" x 29".  Click on any image in this post to enlarge.)

Wouldn't it figure?  Just as I'm on a roll producing work for the upcoming November shows (The Washington Craft Show and the Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show), I run out of mat board on which to mount them.  Sound familiar?  Yes ... I did that about two weeks ago.  I ordered more ... but not enough!  Thus, this blog post is only featuring four new "Lunette Windows" instead the six I completed.  The others will come next week after my next mat board delivery.

(Above:  Lunette VI.)

My "stained glass" fiber artwork come in several sizes.  The smallest (unframed 13" x 10") are called simply called "Windows".  The long, skinny ones (unframed 27" x 7" ... like the ones shared in my previous blog post) are called "Lancet Windows".  Real lancet windows are found in many medieval fortresses.  My largest (unframed 57" x 17") are called "Stained Glass".  I have another size though ... Lunettes.  These are horizontal in orientation ... just like the architectural term for a "real" window like this that are often over double doorways.

The design above is a variation on an earlier "Stained Glass" piece.  I also used the same basic motif for a Lancet Window.  Now ... the design was used for this Lunette.  I like exploring the many ways that I can use a single, geometric pattern in various sized works. 

(Above:  Lunette VIII.)

This design was also inspired by one of my other pieces, Stained Glass XLVI.

(Above:  Stained Glass XLVI.)

If you look at Stained Glass XLVI, I have three basic shapes inside the three main squares making up this piece.  I cut these shapes out very, very carefully ... and used the resulting fallouts/shapes as the focal point for three new Lunettes.  Thus, even though I can't mount and photograph Lunette IX and X, you can probably guess what the basic design is!  It was fun using the same shape three times ... a great way to explore how to make three related pieces that are also uniquely different!  

(Above:  My husband Steve holding Lunette V ... also shown at the top of this blog post.)

This week Steve and I finished framing the first four Lunettes.  The next two will get done after Tuesday when more mat board is delivered.  The look great in their frames too!

 (Above:  Lunette VII.)

This has been a busy week!  I've got some other great news to share!  At the last moment (but better late than never!) I was contacted by the Arts Center in Greenwood, SC and asked to loan The Good Girl to their invitational show Fashion and the Female!  They even came to collect the piece personally!  I really wish I could attend the opening but there are simply TOO MANY THINGS GOING ON RIGHT NOW!

This evening Steve and I plan to quickly hit all the art events on Main Street participating in "First Thursday", including the new art space at City Hall.  I only learned about this new public art location two days ago when receiving an email press release announcing the inaugural exhibit.  According to the information, the show on view is the traveling exhibition from the annual Palmetto Hands fine crafts competition.  This means ... (I think?) ... I have a piece at City Hall!  I think Anonymous is there.  I'll have to go see for myself since I had no prior knowledge of it.  According to the press release, the show moves to Hilton Head.  I didn't know this either!

I do know, however, that Steve and I will be at 701 Center for Contemporary Arts shortly after 7 PM for the opening of the South Carolina Biennial.  This two-part exhibit (the second part is in November), includes three of my "Stained Glass" and two of my large "In Box" pieces.  I'm very honored!

(Above:  The Nature of Memory ... now attached to its own pedestal.)

Steve and I are also going to Pickens for the opening of Connecting Concept & Material: Fiber Art in South Carolina.  Thus, there is likely an upcoming blog post to be filled with reception snapshots!  Even with all this going on, I am thinking ahead ... to events like the South Carolina State Fair.  I know that many people regard state fairs as places for traditional fibers ... and, even if "art" is allowed, it isn't "serious" art or something that ought to attract a serious professional.  Well ... that's not the case here in South Carolina.  With a prize purse over $22,000 ... including a $3,500 Best of Show for Professional Art ... I take it very seriously.  Since the Fair is located here in Columbia, it also means that I can enter work that is difficult to ship elsewhere.  So ... one of my two pieces is The Nature of Memory.  I was worried about bringing a pedestal.  I was worried because the two doors are heavy and prone to tilt over if touched incorrectly.  Well ... Bill Mishoe's auction to the rescue.  The piece is now permanently attached to its own Victorian pedestal and ready to go to the State Fair ... if it gets accepted.  Yes, with a prize fund like this one, lots of piece do NOT make it into the building!

(Above:  Gathering My Thoughts.)

While working on The Nature of Memory, I realized that I still had plenty of unwound sewing thread.  They are so pretty.  Threads have such symbolic meaning ... from on-line correspondence or parts of discussions to the fabric of life to the many ways we are connected ... and I couldn't help myself.  This little piece was totally created due to a phrase that stuck in my head while looking at my threads ... Gathering My Thoughts.  It is funny that I still haven't found the perfect title for my "grid of photos" but I've made a piece completely to illustrate a perfect title!  Sometimes things happen like that!

I am linking this post to Nina-Marie's "Off the Wall Fridays", a site for sharing fiber art works.


MulticoloredPieces said...

The stained-glass effect you achieve in these pieces is simply smashing (no pun intended!).
best, nadia

Barb Forrister said...

Love your stained glass fiber art and the cutout work you have incorporated. It is delightfully textured!!!!

Sylvia said...

I love your work! The stained glass pieces are lovely in a photograph, I bet even better in person!

BTW, thank you for your wonderful comment on my blog last week! I don't get a lot of comments and the one from you really made my day! Congratulations on your upcoming Anniversary!

Regina B Dunn said...

I never get tired of seeing your stained-glass pieces. The delicacy and patterns and colors give so much to get lost in.

Margaret said...

You continue to amaze me with your prolific production!!!

When I read this post, I had to look up the definition of lunette which, I remembered from growing up in Quebec, was French for 'glasses'...but it actually means 'little window'...which I think is closer to what you were intending with these lovely pieces. :-)

Norma Schlager said...

Beautiful, beautiful work as usual! Your stained glass pieces are intriguing and I'm sure even more so unperson. Do you ever sleep?

Wanda said...

really nice Lunettes. I love how every single piece is different (in all the series) and yet, the same. That is the difference between your imagination and mine. I just don't have much of one. I like the pic with Steve! ha ha I sort of cringed though when I saw your 'gathering of thoughts' piece. I am hoping that it isn't all knotted up thread. One of these days I am going to come and raid your thread stash....yeah, that will be my new slogan....SAVE THE THREADS FROM SUSAN!!!! ha ha Another example of the differences in our imagination. I see threads as something to be sewn with. In nice, orderly fashion, properly numbered and inventoried. You ....well, you don't. Love you!