Thursday, January 09, 2014

Enigma and Arrowmont

(Above:  Engima II, detail.  Click on any image in this post to enlarge.)

I've been working hard all week making new pieces for the upcoming ACC Baltimore Show (American Craft Council.)  Several are in various stages of completion.  Naturally, my studio looks like a polyester velvet bomb explored.  Thus, I took some of the scraps and fused them to a piece of recycled, black acrylic felt.  Thinking about "a bomb", I arranged the bits and pieces as if issuing from the center of a giant circle.

(Above:  Engima II.  Unframed:  17" x 14"; Framed:  31 1/2" x 27 1/2".  Click on image to enlarge.)

Unlike my other work using these materials, I decided to mat the work ... with a larger, crisper, more contemporary style.  I'm really pleased with it and very happy that my studio got a bit tidier in the process.  The next blog post will feature the several "In Box" and "Stained Glass" series pieces on which I'm currently working.

(Above:  More "ancestors" ... wrapped and stitched wooden thread spools.  Click on image to enlarge.)

In the evenings, I am stitching on another big batch of wrapped and stitched wooden spools.  I call them "ancestors" because thumbnail reproductions of old family photos are glued on the ends.  I also have a batch with the original paper labels.  I love making these tiny treasures.

(Above:  Memory, a grave rubbing art quilt made on a vintage handkerchief and incorporationg a few pieces of old crochet.  Hand and free-motion stitched. 12" x 12".  This piece was originally made for the SAQA (Studio Art Quilt Associates) annual fund-raiser.)

Finally, I'm totally over the moon about this announcement:  MY WORKSHOP IS IN THE ARROWMONT CATALOG!  I'm teaching April 3 - 6 for Arrowmont's "Legacy Weekend".  The full catalog is HERE.  I'm listed on page 26.  To sign up for my workshop, please visit my page on the Arrowmont website ... HERE!  I've posted my workshop's full information, outline, materials list, etc. HERE

I've obviously known about this opportunity for several months.  Try to imagine the day when an email arrived on my computer screen with this opening line:  " ... I am the Program and Studio Manager at Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts.  If you're not familiar with Arrowmont,  we are a national art education center that offers weekend, one- and two-week workshops for the beginner to advanced artist, taught by national and international practicing studio artists and university faculty."

Not familiar with Arrowmont ? !!!  My heart skipped two beats.  After a few moment in which I tried to compose myself, I wrote back with this opening line: "Hello !  So ... am I familiar with Arrowmont?  You are kidding, right?  If you heard a hysterical scream of delight a little while ago, it was just me ... reading your message, jumping up and down, saying "YES, YES, YES!"

I am so honored!  Now ... I just need interested people to sign up!  Please consider it!

I am linking this blog post to Nina-Marie's "Off the Wall Fridays", a site for sharing fiber arts.  Several months ago, Nina-Marie wrote a glowing review on her summer week at Arrowmont.  Her gorgeous photos and fabulous descriptions were filled with inspiration.  I thought to myself, "I'd love to go there!  Maybe one day."  Within a week, I received the email invitation to teach during Legacy Weekend.  Serendipity?  Of course!  It feels so wonderful and right.  I really hope I get to go!  To read Nina-Marie's recap of her Arrowmont experience, CLICK HERE!   


Julie said...

Your Memory quilt is beautiful. I'm going right back for a second look! Many congratulations on being asked to teach at Arrowmont :)

Wanda said...

Enigma is really cool. I like how it came to be and how it Looks. Your spools are, of course, perfect as always. Memory is very nice as well. It is "sharp". Congratulations for the Invitation from Arrowmont. How neat that they contacted you! Keeping my fingers crossed that our Workshop makes!

jeanne hewell-chambers said...

LOVE Enigma. Love how the color, the design, the name, the story. You amaze me with your productivity, and I love how you do so many different things. (Told the hubs this morning that I plan to go to your workshop at Arrowmont, so save me a place. Planning to get myself registered by Monday at the latest. Yay for what will be my April Adventure!)

MulticoloredPieces said...

Hi, Susan. Simply LUV the Enigma piece. Marvelous!
best, nadia

rothequilter said...

I love your memory quilt and the decorated thread spools. I have save a lot of the wooden ones, without a thought about how I could use them. You are an inspiration

Els said...

Hi Susan, what a great way to use all the snippets of your "velvet explosion" in another piece (ha : a kind of explosion itself !)
The spools are so lovingly "simple", like old family photo albums are ...
Your memory piece I like very much !!!