Wednesday, October 29, 2014


(Above:  TEDxColumbiaSC presenters and performers.)

I've known about this wonderful opportunity for several weeks but had to wait for the "official" announcement and the release of this great photo by Brian Dressler ... and that announcement was just made in a joint release from TEDxColumbiaSC and an article by Xavier Edwards in the Free-Times

So ... it's official!  I'm a local TEDxColumbia presenter!

I join a stellar group of people who on January 19th, 2015 will be making presentations on topics as diverse as the preservation of our rivers to the committee's need for social services to new approaches in breast cancer research to .... me!  My presentation is called "Precious" and will focus on the reasons I use found objects and vintage materials in my artwork.  Each presentation is meant to "challenge the audience to reconsider how they interact with others and our world".  I hope people hearing my talk (which will be video taped and available later on the Internet!) will think about their own precious possessions, what makes each one "special", and especially what future they might plan for these items.  A month after I present, I'd love to hear someone say, "I used my china and silver just for the fun of it!" or "I labeled the backs of all my family photos" or "I pulled out everything from under the bed and shared it with my family ... all my memories". 

The presenters are all listed on the TEDxColumbiaSC website ... including an excellent new photo of me!  I even like it!


Sandy said...

Susan, this is amazing! Such great news, I can't wait to see the presentation on 'Precious'- right up my alley!

Wanda said...

This is GREAT! I use cloth napkins....just because I have them! I look forward to this presentation and hurray! I'll be able to see the whole thing online !!!!

Mosaic Magpie said...

If anyone can motivate others to reuse and repurpose it is you. Seeing the beauty in unexpected places and in unexpected ways is your specialty.
Precious....I think the perfect title.