Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Making Cord and Tags for Keys plus visititing the Anderson Center Sculpture Park

(Above:  The balls of cording I've made since arriving at the Anderson Center art residency in Red Wing, Minnesota.)

Pulling anywhere from eight to twelve strands of yarn and thread through the cording foot of my Bernina only takes time and a lot of grip strength.  Thankfully, an art residency is "The Gift of Time", and thus I've got this balls stitched and ready to be turned into fiber vessels later this week.  The three in shades of blue were made just today!  I'm excited!

(Above:  Tags for keys ... made this afternoon.  Click on this or any other image to enlarge.)

My left arm and hand is strong enough to pull the yarn for hours at a time ... but not all day.  I have to take at least two breaks!  One break was SO MUCH FUN!  I made all these collage tags for keys.  Each one was a suggestion left on Facebook and/or my blog.  THANK YOU to everyone who sent their words ... especially Ed Madden, Jose Lanters, Cindi Boiter, my cousin Monika Lenz, Sue Krekorion, Bety Malone, Vivien Zepf, Traci Paxton Johnson, Angie Hall Collett, Barbara Fueston Grandon, Jane Bartlett-Symes, Mary Jo Cartledge-Hayes, Stephanie Sarkisian, Mary Langston, and Laurel Siler.  Please click on the image and enlarge ... because some of your suggestions are there!  Thanks again!  By the way ... I got more suggestions today, so there will be more tags tomorrow!

(Above:  The Anderson Center's Sculpture Garden.)

The other break I took was just outside my studio door.  Right beside the Main House and the studio buildings is an enormous expanse of land on which the Anderson Center's sculptures are place ... and available for public viewing.  I snapped well over 150 photos in under an hour-and-a-half, and I didn't get to four of the coolest pieces.  I'll be going back soon.  Of course, I'll delete approximately 75% of the images I snapped but I plan to upload whatever I keep to Flickr! ... as soon as I visit the other four artworks.  Below, however, is a sampling of today's walk in the park!

(Above: Detail of Crib-Works by Can Wollmering, 2007.)

(Above:  Detail of Birth of a Martyr by Sam Spiczka, 1999.)

(Above: Detail of Physical Tension by Megan Madland, 2003.)

(Above: Standing Time by James Borden, 1998.)

(Above: A bench among the dandelions ... a perfect place for a break!)

(Above:  I took this photo looking through one of the sculptures ... and played around on PhotoShop with the results.  Here at the Anderson Center, everything is inspirational!)


Unknown said...

looking forward to seeing what you do with the cords. I tend to make miles of the stuff too! But mine I usually do three passes of machine stitching to vary the colour so for example the 50metre roll made recently is actually sewn 150 metres !

Julie said...

I have long admired your ability to capture images and inspiration in a short space of time (witness our walks in Nottingham burial grounds. I like your treatment of the sculpture image in the final photo.

Mosaic Magpie said...

What a beautiful inspiring place you have to create in.