Monday, May 04, 2015

The Best Monday Ever!

(Above:  Balls of cording made thus far at the Anderson Center art residency.  Click on any photo to enlarge.)

I knew it was Monday because someone told me it was.  Otherwise, I would have no idea what day of the week it is.  At the Anderson Center, every day is "ART DAY".  I was in my studio for over twelve hours ... leisurely ... certainly not with my nose to any grindstone but because that space was the only place I wanted to be!  As a result, I got loads of work done!  The green balls of cording was entirely made today (as opposed to the giant brown/gold/orange ball that took most of two days).  I'm getting faster ... because the pink ball was made in approximately the same length of time.  I plan on using up a bunch of blue yarn tomorrow and ecru/tan/off-white yarn on Wednesday.  Then ... I'll be heavily into turning all this cording into fiber vessels. 

(Above:  The tags for keys made today.  Click on image to read the words.)

Of course, I didn't spend all twelve+ hours making cording.  I also made a bunch more tags for keys.  THANK YOU to everyone who contributed a word via this blog and/or Facebook!  My list is now nice and long.  I started with the comments on this blog ... words contributed by Merrie Star, Angie Hall Collett, Deb aka Mosaic Magpie, Judy Ferguson, and Nicholl Ransom.  Check our their suggestions!

I've made a list for tomorrow ... so check back!  Some of the ideas are truly brilliant ... words and phrases I would have never thought of on my own but will enhance the installation in untold ways!  I plan on making tags until the weekend.  Then ... I'll start attaching them to all the keys!

(Above:  The Barn at the Anderson Center.)

Today I also visited "the Barn".  I went there on the first day during the walking tour of the facility but I didn't have my camera.  Paul Brantley, a talented cellist and composer, has the entire space as his "studio".  I can't even imagine what he must have felt like when walking into the barn's interior ...

... and seeing such a gorgeous but intimate environment for music.  Melodies certainly must hang in the air.  Why would notes want to evaporate when surrounded by such beauty?  The wood is all original ... even if it isn't in its original space.  What does that mean? 

Well, the exterior of the old Anderson Center barn was in a horrible state of disrepair.  There was talk of tearing the entire structure down but fortunately another plan presented itself.  The outside wooden slats were all removed, re-planked, and used to outfit the wooden interior.  New walls were erected around the old structure.  So basically, this building is now "inside out" ... and a perfect small performance venue which is currently the working studio for an artist-in-residence.  It is also an architectural gem!

(Above:  The weather vane atop the Anderson Center's barn.)

I might have to spend part of a day snapping photos of the various details that make this place so special ... like the weather van atop the Anderson Center's barn ... and the patina on the original Main House's door bell ... and wavy antique glass in the green house, etc.

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Mosaic Magpie said...

Love that barn...I can almost hear the music! I see some of my words on the tags!!!