Friday, August 07, 2015

Catching up ... Workshop at the Craft Alliance in St. Louis

 (Above:  HOT, Heat activated processes for contemporary embroidery!  My two-day workshop taught at the Craft Alliance in St. Louis.)

So ... I'm behind in blogging!  But ... I'm determined to catch up!  This post recalls a great weekend workshop at the Craft Alliance in St. Louis ... last May 16th and 17th.  Everyone produced multiple pieces.  Some as many as six or seven! The soldering irons saw plenty of action. Each person who wanted to try free-motion machine embroidery got a chance.  Beginner's luck? Of course not!  Those who had never tried it were immediately successful and were "pros" within a few minutes!

For me, the best things that happened in this workshop were meeting the seriously talented Luanne Rimel, the Senior Director and Director of Education Programs (my contact!) and seeing the diversity of work being created.  In workshops there are always combinations of colors and materials that I'd never imagine.  There are always unique ideas.  Plus, I get to make new fiber friends ...

... like Suzy Farren, a talented artist whose work is currently on exhibition in the Natural Dye Showcase in the Mendocino Art Center, California.  I have two works accepted into this national juried show too.  There's great excitement in knowing someone else who is equally thrilled by the same opportunity to share artwork!  Congrats to us both!

The Craft Alliance of Art and Design is an awesome place.  This year marks its fiftieth anniversary.  The entire second floor is studio space for all sorts of workshops and media.  We took over two large rooms ... one for ironing and design construction and one for sewing, by hand or by machine!

Another wonderful thing about this particular workshop was getting to know Pat Owoc, a fellow SAQA (Studio Art Quilt Associates) member who was so helpful in getting five 10' steel electrical conduits to The Foundry Art Center in nearby St. Charles when it was on display there!  Thank you, Pat!

I hope the future sees me back in St. Louis.

The people were great and the facilities were first rate!


Pat Owoc said...

A marvelous workshop! Enjoyed every moment of work/play with the hottest expert in the field and fellow students who challenged each other. Thanks! Pat Owoc

Unknown said...

Thank you Susan. I had a wonderful time experimenting! Thank you for your generous spirit to share what you know.


Ok, so I'm so busy and blah blah blah...but I wanted you to know three things: #1 I now have the embroidery fusing machine that Mom bought me from your workshop at home (was at Lenzelhof) #2 I just cleaned out my dryer lint thing and got a HUGE block of lint! and #3 Mara gave me all the burlap and left over tulle and fabric from her wedding. That's as far as I am on this 'project'...but, well, I'm thinking "Christmas cards" and who knows, it may even mean THIS Christmas! Thanks for the inspiration....