Friday, August 07, 2015

Catching up ... and a whirlwind tour through much of Georgia!

(Above:  A new Lancet Window.  Framed:  31 1/4" x 11 1/4". Click on any image in this blog post to enlarge ... even though most of the photos aren't top notch due to the fact that my camera's fine focus was on the fritz.  It was still under warranty and has been sent off for repairs.  In the meantime ... sorry!)

A couple days ago I finally started the task of "catching up" on my blog. Since 2006, I haven't had a month in which I was too busy to share my work but July 2015 was simply unbelievable.  My son Mathias Lenz Dingman married Laura-Jane Gibson in a fairytale Scottish wedding which fell on the heels of three, back-to-back art residencies.  I return home to a pile of custom picture framing ... including some of my own work ... like this new Lancet Window based on St. Martin's cross.  During the trip to Scotland, Steve and I got to go to Iona and actually see the one that has been standing for 1200 years!

I also finished this new Lancet Window ... and ...

... this one too!  Now don't ask me the actual title.  Each one is simply called "Lancet Window" followed by a Roman numeral.  I'm no longer at home in Columbia where I keep the inventory book listing all the correct numbers.  I'm back in Great Britain at The Festival of Quilts!  I guess it doesn't matter whether I know the numbers for this blog entry or not.  After all, these pieces have already been delivered to the Grovewood Gallery in Asheville!

Along with the Lancet Windows, these three new "In Box" series pieces were also delivered to the Grovewood Gallery.

Steve and I intended to deliver them when I was taped for an upcoming episode of The Quilt Show with Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims!  They were filming at the North Carolina Governor's Western Residence which is located near the Grovewood.  Taping went until after the Grovewood's 6:00 PM closing time.  That's a blog post I plan on writing later tonight!  

Steve and I delivered the new work on Friday afternoon ... while we were en route to Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania for my nephew's wedding!  This was a really, really short trip ... because I flew back to England on Monday morning!

(Above: Artifact I.)

Yet, the Grovewood wasn't the only gallery needing additional artwork!  Lagerquist Gallery in Atlanta requested more too.  In fact, I made an entire new series based on ideas the owner gave me.  I blogged about these pieces when I initially constructed the polyester stretch velvet shapes and did the free motion machine embroidery.  I didn't get them melted, matted, and framed, however, until I got back from the Scottish wedding.

(Above: Artifact II.)

To see how these were constructed, please visit my earlier blog post from the Rensing Center.  It is HERE!

(Above: Artifact III.)

Somehow or the other, I ended up with only twelve finished photographs ... even though I'm sure I snapped images of all fourteen.  I'm not sure what happened ... and I guess that doesn't matter either! LOL!  These pieces are now available in Georgia!


Here's a photo of my husband Steve holding up Artifact VI.  Occasionally I like taking this sort of photo because it better shows what the finished piece looks like in relation to the frame and a room's potential surroundings. 

(Above: Artifact IV.)

Here's another "artifact".  The rest of them are at the end of this blog post.  Why?  Well, I decided to make two other important stops on my whirlwind trip to deliver the work to Georgia.

(Above:  The Southeastern Quilt and Textile Museum in Carrollton, Georgia.)

My first stop was the Southeastern Quilt and Textile Museum in Carrollton, Georgia.  My solo show, Last Words, is scheduled there for September 26 - December 31.  I'm also teaching a two-day workshop called "Second Life" on Sept. 24 - 25, and there's my trunk show and cemetery walk on Wed., Sept. 23rd. Two day "Second Life" workshop Sept. 24 - 25.  In order to best create a stellar exhibition, I really wanted to SEE the location, feel the space, soak in the atmosphere.  The trip to Lagerquist Gallery seemed the right day to do this!

This is the larger of the two rooms I'll be filling.

This is the smaller of the two.  I have loads of ideas which I hope will work out!  I'm excited.

Now, another reason for wanting to visit Carrollton was a chance to walk around in the cemetery.  After all, there's going to be a cemetery tour and the workshop will get a chance to make crayon-on-fabric grave rubbings there.  For me, I really like scouting a cemetery before leading a workshop onto the location! 

Carrollton City Cemetery is PERFECT ... and perfectly beautiful.

It is beautifully maintained, peaceful, and full of wonderful markers with touching motifs, epitaphs, and words suggesting memory, legacy, and eternal life.

I can't wait to return with my crayons and fabric too!

(Above:  The Etherredge Center on the grounds of the University of South Carolina-Aiken.  This view was taken from the lower level with my back to the lower exhibition area ... looking up to the upper exhibition area.)

On my return trip from Carrollton and Atlanta I made arrangements to visit another location, the Etherredge Center on the grounds of the University of South Carolina-Aiken.  Wonderfully, I got an invitation to show work in this fabulous, two-story location in January 2016!

(This view is of the upper exhibition area.)

This means that Last Words will move from Carrollton, GA to Aiken, SC!  Well ... not all the pieces.  Some of the art quilts will not be on view here.  Yet, I will be showing about fourteen of my Angels in Mourning Series which will not be part of the Carrollton show.  It is so nice to have enough work that I can curate it according to the spatial needs of a specific location!

This view is from the upper exhibition area looking down to the lower wall for hanging additional artwork.  Below are the rest of the "Artifacts."  Enjoy ... and stop back as I'm blogging more tonight ... trying to "catch up"! LOL!

(Above: Artifact V.)

(Above: Artifact VI.)

(Above: Artifact XII.)

(Above: Artifact VII.)

(Above: Artifact XI.)

(Above: Artifact VIII.)

(Above: Artifact X.)


Sandy said...

I am just catching up, now, as well. I really like these artefacts. (probably spelled it wrong!) I think they will appeal to a wider audience who may not have chosen a 'churchy' one. I hope they also sell like hot cakes. If I had the money I would buy one. They are a lot of fun!
Hope you are scheduling in breaks/days off, dear friend!


The cemetery is so you...nice sculptures!