Tuesday, August 16, 2016


 (Above:  In Box CCLX. Inventory # 3814. Unframed:  18" x 30". Framed: 25" x 37". $675. Click on either image for an enlargement.)

Over the weekend I finished In Box CCLX.  I'm really enjoying this new approach that limits the palette and doesn't solder holes inside the individual "boxes".  The white-on-white presentation is also new and fresh.  I'm very grateful for the opportunity to have a solo show at City Art this coming November.  It is allowing me to explore some of these new ideas.

(Above:  In Box CCLX, detail.)

Of course, this isn't all I did over the weekend.  There was another project too!  My recent experiment called Rain did lead to a new adventure!  Three poems were selected.  These three poems will be included in the upcoming publication that accompanies Jasper Project's multidisciplinary event called Marked By the Water.  I'm one of the artists who was invited to participate.  I volunteered to stitch these poems on a unique surface:  strips of plastic, bridal tulle, and ribbon created using Mokuba's 2-part water soluble stabilizer.  I finished the first poem and started the second ... and then broke a needle which also threw off the timing mechanism inside my Babylock Tiara free-motion machine.  Who would have guessed that there is a guy who makes sewing machine repair house calls?  Well, Tommy Leitner came on Monday and now the second poem is finished and I'm hard at work on the final poem.  I'll blog about them later! 

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Wanda said...

It is so amazing that you find fresh ways to do the box series. Of course, I never get tired of looking at any of these but this one is different and very nice! You have a sewing machine person who makes house calls? Wow.....I have to fight for anything I need, it seems!