Friday, November 25, 2016

The Clothesline Project at the State Library

 (Above:  The Clothesline Project at the State Library.  Click on any image to enlarge.)

When it comes to my artwork, I'll generally try just about anything once. I've donated to numerous charity events, lent work for theater productions, hung work in coffee shops and eye glass shops, allowed images to be published on conference bulletins, and participated in all sorts of things ... some of which turned out rather poorly or weren't advertised or didn't pan out the way they'd been promised.  This isn't one of those times!

At the end of October, a representative from the South Carolina State Library called and asked whether my work hanging in the Marked By the Water exhibit could be borrowed for their exhibit focusing on the October 2015 floods.  Since these pieces had no where else to go, I said, "Sure!"  She even came and picked them up.  She also took a small stack of my business cards.  I didn't think much more about it.  To be perfectly honest, I thought, "Whatever ... probably just decorating a conference room for some office meeting.  Whatever."

Of course, this happened at the beginning of November ... when my life was just CRAZY.  I had a teaching engagement in Fort Myers, Florida followed by the Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show followed by another workshop for the Wisconsin Museum of Quilts and Fiber Arts.  So ... I just forgot about The Clothesline Project until earlier this week.

The nice representative from the SC State Library contacted me to arrange for returning my artwork ... on December 2nd.  Basically, this meant that the work was still hanging ... about two miles from my house ... in a public place ... with regular hours.  I hopped on my moped and went!  WOW!  The Clothesline Project is the first thing seen upon entering this very nice, professional lobby.  The receptionist greeted me.  She knew who I was!  She'd been handing out my business cards all month!

I am so impressed by the place that I'll be sending an exhibition proposal with hopes to show other work in this fabulous space.  By the way, The Clothesline Project is up through Monday!  I'm so glad I said, "Sure!"

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Margaret said...

Maybe I should "lose track" of a project or two... ;-)