Monday, October 23, 2017

Large Stained Glass LXXXII

 (Above:  Large Stained Glass LXXXII, detail.  Click on any image to enlarge.)

This past weekend and especially today have been a whirlwind of activities.  I've finished another, large piece and have seven small ones in various states of construction.  Most importantly, I've been busy packing up the supplies and equipment for a two-day workshop I'm conducting at Aya Fiber Studio in Stuart, Florida.

 (Above:  Large Stained Glass LXXXII.  Framed 63" x 23". Inventory number 4102. $1300.)

When Hurricane Irma tore through the Caribbean and hit the Florida coast, I was worried.  When the news reports for the Atlantic side indicated lots and lots of damage, I feared my workshop would be canceled ... especially since one program actually said Stuart was terribly impacted.  Thank goodness, Aya Fiber Studio was spared ... and the workshop is still "sold out".  I'm very much looking forward to the experience, especially since at least one person is flying from Minnesota to take it!  Quite honored!
 (Above:  Large Stained Glass LXXXII, detail.)

Now, I'm really pleased with this new Large Stained Glass series piece.  The elongated tulip form with the teardrop interior shape is intentionally Indian in design.  The five-pointed star at the top worked out so well that I've attempted to recreate this piece as a smaller Lancet Window.  So far, so good ... but I won't be sharing images until I return from Florida!

(Above: Large Stained Glass LXXXII, detail.)

This piece and most of the others are headed to the Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show ... next month!  All of my Large Stained Glass pieces are now being framed with crystal clear, anti-reflective, UV protecting glass.  It has added an extra $100 to the total price ... but this glass really is amazing!  I can stand in front of it, snap a photo, and see absolutely no reflection of myself in the resulting image!  Incredible!

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