Friday, October 27, 2017

Lancet Windows CCIX, CCX, and CCXI

 (Above:  Lancet Window CCIX, CCXI, and CCX.  Click on either image to enlarge.)

This is a quick blog post.  Why?  Well, I've just returned from a conducting a fantastic two-day workshop at Aya Fiber Studio in Stuart, Florida ... and I'm crazy busy!  First, I had to put my studio back together.  My workshops don't have specific "workshop supplies".  I use all the same materials and equipment every day in my studio.  Thus, I pack up the studio and take it all with me.  When I return, I have to put everything back in place ... especially today!  I've got a large Stained Glass piece to construct over the weekend to replace one that was ear-marked for the Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show.  Why?  Iago Gallery in Blowing Rock, NC just sold the one they had and needed another.  It was delivered last Sunday.  I also had a lot of picture framing to do today.  Plus, I've been writing for Jasper Project on the Columbia dance scene.  One of my recent articles was just posted and needed shared to social media.  Finally, I finished mounting and framing two of the three Lancet Windows pictured above.  One of them (the one in the middle) was ready in time to go to Florida.  It served as an example for "top mounting" in a custom picture frame  ... basically a way for me to show how to create space inside a frame by using "walls" to keep the glass from coming into contact with the artwork when that artwork sits on top of a mat.  Amazingly, one of the lovely workshop participants purchased it!  I'm always so pleased when a piece finds a home!  Thank you!

(Above:  The same three Lancet Windows ... as they looked last weekend ... waiting to be melted.

This is how these three pieces looked before melting.  Tomorrow I plan to post images from the amazing workshop!

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