Saturday, October 28, 2017

HOT workshop at Aya Fiber Studio in Stuart, Florida

 (Above:  HOT Workshop at Aya Fiber Studio in Stuart, Florida.)

This week was wonderful!  I taught my two-day HOT workshop for the incredible Suzanne Conners, a talented indigo dyer, at her business Aya Fiber Studio.  Aya Fiber Studio is truly an art destination for all forms of textile work.  The space is FABULOUS.  The lighting is great; the air conditioning and breeze was perfect; there was plenty of space for everything; parking was easy; and Suzanne is totally organized plus a perfect hostess to everyone!  The weather was grand.  Accommodations are a short, easy walk along the marina. Lunch was ordered and delivered from the nearby restaurants. I could go on and on!  Best of all, I've been asked to send available dates for a return engagement!  I can't wait!

Suzanne took some of the photos in this blog post.  I took the others ... when I remembered to retrieve my camera from my purse.  Most of the time, everyone was busy, busy, busy making multiple pieces.  The workshop is an exploration in heat-activated processes for contemporary embroidery ... and thus, more than one piece is accomplished by everyone!  There's just so many ways to put the materials together and expose them to heat!

One of the unique things I bring to my workshops is the a demonstration on proper mounting of textiles under a professionally cut mat.  Of course I do this!  My day job is custom picture framing!  It's always fun to rummage through the mats, looking for the perfect one for every piece!


This is me doing the matting demonstration.  On the table were examples of my work ... and amazingly, they sold during the workshop!  I am so honored!


This photo shows one of the stations of materials.  Yes, I bring all this "stuff" for participants to use.  I even brought a package of dyed emu feathers from The Thread Studio in Perth, Australia.  Such fun!

There is no set design and the materials I provide vary greatly.  For me, it is such a pleasure to see very different pieces developing side by side.


It is wonderful to see so many pieces finished, matted, and ready to hang on the wall!


After the first day of the workshop, many of us went on a great boat ride around the marina.  We saw a great blue heron that seemed to be doing his very best Audubon pose! LOL!

We talked and laughed and didn't want the ride to end.  The captain almost had to throw us overboard just to get us off his Pocket Hopper, Inc. electric boat! 

Several from the workshop went to dinner together at Gettin' Crabby.  I had the royal red shrimp appetizer.  I'd never heard of this deep water species but they were delicious.  I also sampled alligator sushi on another night. 

Below are several more photos from an exciting workshop!  Enjoy!


Suzanne Connors said...

Thank you Susan Lenz for such a great workshop! We do look forward to your return next year!

Mary said...

What a great time we had with you this week, Susan Lenz. I learned so much from you and you made it fun to learn, and be pushed to “DO THE WORK”! Thanks again, I hope to see younext year.

Carol Mashuga said...

This was an excellent workshop. I was very pleased with the new techniques I learned, and I am already using them to create a larger piece for our member show at the Textile Center of Minnesota.

Susan, you are such a dynamic and enthusiastic teacher -- it was fun to work with you. I hope to take another workshop from you in the near future.

And, Suzanne, Aya Fiber Studio is a fantastic space for the workshop. As I look out the window at snowflakes drifting down (I'm at home in Minnesota), I have fond memories of the balmy breezes in Florida. I hope to return for another class.

I can enthusiastically recommend Susan Lenz as wonderful teacher and Aya Fiber Studio as a fabulous place to take a workshop. Thank you.