Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Alabama is WONDERFUL!

 (Above:  My two-day HOT workshop in Mobile, Alabama.  Click on any image to enlarge.)

Last week was wonderful.  I drove to Mobile, Alabama on Tuesday in order to conduct my two-day HOT workshop for the Alabama/Mississippi regional group of SAQA (Studio Art Quilt Associates).  The workshop was sold out and SO MUCH FUN.

 (Above:  HOT in Mobile.)

One of the SAQA members was able to secure a very large fellowship hall in a local church.  It was an ideal setting with lots of light, access to the outdoors for the "melting" phase, and more tables than ever.  At the end of the second day, we had show-and-tell.  The diversity of colors and designs that come out of this experience are truly amazing.  Everyone created multiple pieces. Some made as many as six!

 (Above:  One of Dean Mosher's "Castles" in Fairhope, Alabama.)

From Mobile, I drove across the bay to beautiful Fairhope, Alabama.  My solo show, Anonymous Ancestors, was in its last days at the Eastern Shore Art Center.  In fact, Saturday was the very last day.  I gave a gallery talk at 1 PM that afternoon.  Amazingly, over fifty people showed up!  Then, the show was dismantled, packed up, and taken back to Columbia.  Before this happened, however, I had a little time to look around Fairhope.  I didn't have to go far to see Dean Mosher's "Castles".  These hand-crafted, fairy-tale looking buildings are diagonally across the street from Eastern Shore Art Center.  My husband Steve and I even met the artist!    

 (Above:  My one-day HOT workshop at Eastern Shore Art Center.)

Yet, the most important thing that happened in Fairhope was my one-day HOT workshop.  Like the workshop in Mobile, it was sold out.  The last thing that happened was also show-and-tell.

 (Above:  HOT in Fairhope.)

The one-day experience is really just an abbreviation of the two-day experience.  There's not enough time to really "melt" a piece resembling my Stained Glass and In Box work ... but participants get the idea.  Everyone went home with at least two finished pieces.

 (Above:  The interior of the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception in downtown Mobile, AL.)

After teaching a workshop, I'm always ready to go exploring a new area.  Mobile was great.  I was able to visit the cathedral and admire the recently restored interior and ...

... the beautiful stained glass windows.

I walked the length of Dauphin Street and had dinner in two great restaurants.

The architecture was a marvel, especially this former Masonic Temple that is now only rented out for parties.

(Above:  Steve and me at the pier in Fairhope.)

Although I drove myself to Alabama, my husband Steve managed to secure a very affordable one-way airline ticket.  He arrived late on Friday night and was indispensable during the break-down of the show and especially with the long drive back home.  All in all, Alabama is WONDERFUL!

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Ann Scott said...

Thanks for sharing some of your photos. It looks like it must have been a blast!