Sunday, January 21, 2018

Guard Duty

(Above:  Guard Duty, 34 1/2" x 30". Image transfer on fabric with both free-motion and hand stitching and trapunto/stuffing; beads and sequins, four grommets, buttons and genuine army camouflage.)

When I initially took my friend Cat Ayre's photo, I envisioned another piece in my obsession with buttons.  In the future, I might add a large, military button right over her mouth and call the work Don't Ask/Don't Tell.  It's always a possibility. But since snapping the picture, I found a SAQA (Studio Art Quilt Associates) call-for-entry looking for art quilts falling under the themed exhibition title From Dusk to Dawn

Every solider in every branch of the armed forces has experience with Guard Duty.  It is at the heart of a nation's responsibility for protection.  Watching over a barracks of sleeping comrades is a task that Cat often performed, literally from dusk to dawn. She was really pleased with the resulting quilt.  I was excited to use real military camouflage made right here in South Carolina.  I was also thrilled to use four, gold grommets in the corners.  They remind me of camping and tents, so appropriate! I'd never used a grommet before.

(Above:  Guard Duty, detail.)

I liked adding an outline of gold-toned buttons.  They are sort of brass like in color and bring to mind military brass insignia.  Waving lines of stitching and assorted star shaped sequins suggest the US flag, stars and stripes.  I have no expectations for this piece to successfully be selected for the SAQA show but it doesn't matter.  I wanted to make the work long before I saw the call-for-entry.


Barb said...

Absolutely beautiful! Did you do the image transfer or have it professionally done. I have lots of picture to work from but difficult get printers to print on fabric.

Susan Lenz said...

Barbara ... the transfer was printed by Spoonflower. I've been very, very pleased with everything ordered from them. Thanks for commenting! Susan