Tuesday, September 04, 2018

Four New Peacock Feathers

(Above:  Four new Peacock Feathers, framed (with glare from the glass) and leaning against The Wall of Keys.  Click on any image to enlarge.)

Even before leaving for our "Western Adventure" (blogged HERE), I started these pieces and several other works intended for the upcoming Philadelphia Museum of Art Show in early November.  Since returning home, I've finished and framed them.  I took the final picture (above) after each one of framed.  There's glare from the glass but glass is necessary.  These are real peacock feathers after all!

 (Above:  Peacock Feather XVII. Framed: 31" x 11". $395.)

Each feather is carefully fused to a double layer of polyester stretch velvet with lots and lots of turquoise metallic foiling.  Copper metallic squares create the border which also includes melted holes.  I use my soldering irons for the holes and to "melt" the edges. Free motion stitching around the feather is a challenge but fun.  Each stem is also hand couched with a metallic purple thread. 

  (Above:  Peacock Feather XVIII. Framed: 31" x 11". $395.)

I took the individual images before putting the glass into each frame.  Each photo was taken using the window sill on my front porch.

 (Above:  One of the new Peacock Feathers on the front window sill.)

The glare from the front window is distracting but the late summer light does manage to capture a half decent image!

  (Above:  Peacock Feather XIX. Framed: 31" x 11". $395.)

I'll be traveling to the DC area this coming weekend to conduct a mini workshop, a two-day HOT workshop, and to deliver a lecture.  I'm excited.  I love this area of the country!

 (Above:  Peacock Feather XX. Framed: 31" x 11". $395.)

For Labor Day, Steve and I delivered to pieces to an important, invitational exhibition at Agnes Scott College in Decatur, Atlanta.  September is starting off with a bang!

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