Thursday, September 06, 2018

Four new In Box Series pieces

 (Above:  Detail of In Box CCCXXV. Click on any image to enlarge.)

It's been two days since I posted four new "Peacock Feather" series pieces.  I did NOT make these four pieces since then.  Sometimes I wish I could work so quickly, but it isn't even possible. These four In Box Series pieces were actually completed before Steve and I went on our "Western Adventure".  I just didn't have the mat boards, linen liners, and moulding to frame them until our weekly deliver came yesterday morning.

 (Above:  Me stitching the work to acid-free mat board.)

Each piece is stitched to acid-free mat board.  I really can't snap photos until they are mounted. It seems to be the only sensible way for them to stay perfectly vertical for a snapshot. So, despite finishing the work nearly two weeks ago, today is the first time I could blog about them.

(Above:  In Box  CCCXII.  Inventory # 4317.  Framed: 34" x 22"; unframed: 28" x 17". $550.)

I've got plenty more work to create before the Philadelphia Museum of Art Show in early November.  Before that time, however, I'll be giving a lecture and conducting both a mini-workshop and a two-day experience for the Potomac Fiber Arts Guild outside Washington, DC.  I leave tomorrow.

(Above: In Box CCCXXIII. Inventory # 4318.  Framed: 34" x 22"; unframed: 28" x 17". $550.)

I'm always excited to share my unique melting techniques through workshops.  It's so much fun to see how other people use the same materials.  Now, please just scroll down for the other new works!

(Above: In Box CCCXXIV. Inventory # 4319.  Framed: 34" x 22"; unframed: 28" x 17". $550.)

(Above: In Box CCCXXV. Inventory # 4320.  Framed: 34" x 22"; unframed: 28" x 17". $550.)