Tuesday, September 11, 2018

HOT Workshop for the Potomac Fiber Art Guild

 (Above:  HOT Workshop for the Potomac Fiber Art Guild.  Click on any image to enlarge.)

I've just returned from a wonderful few days outside Washington, DC where I gave my lecture "Beyond a Series" for the Potomac Fiber Art Guild.  The group meets in the morning inside a very nice fellowship hall at a local church.  This was also the setting of a mini-workshop that afternoon.  The mini-workshop went very, very well.  Everyone enjoyed making embellished wooden thread spools (aka "Christmas ornaments").

On Sunday and Monday, I conducted my two-day HOT Workshop for the guild.  The location was outstanding.  We have plenty of space and great light at the Hirsh Studio, a large rental room in an amazing complex of art galleries and other artist studios.

Everyone went home with multiple pieces.  As normal, I was astounded by some of the truly creative ways the materials I provide are used.  Participants frequently select ground fabrics that I would NEVER pick.  It is always fun to watch different aesthetics and design choices at work.

It is also fun to see that some people automatically approach their work as a horizontal and others as a vertical.

Because Hurricane Florence is bearing down on the coast, I decided to drive home after the workshop ended ... even though that meant getting home after 1:30 am.  At least the roads were dry and traffic was wasn't an issue.

I always finish the demonstrations I start in every workshop.  I got two pieces done and will post them later.

 I did have an opportunity to take the metro into downtown Washington, DC to visit the Smithsonian American Museum of Art and Portrait Gallery.  I'd been there in the spring and enjoyed revisiting the new paintings of Barack and Michelle Obama.  It was fun to see the line of people waiting to snap selfies in front of each one.  This visit was mostly spent checking out Black Out: Silhouettes Then and Now.  It was terrific. 

Even one of the security guards commented on how many people couldn't get enough of Maibaum by Kristi Malakoff .  These 20 black paper and black foam core figures were simply amazing.

It's been several weeks since I remembered Nina-Marie's "Off the Wall Fridays", a site for sharing fiber arts.  I'm linking it HERE

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Unknown said...

Susan , your work continues to be just amazing! Watching the new about Hurricane Florence, I am concerned about all of my friends in the Carolinas. Hope that you and your family and friends are safe in the days ahead.