Friday, October 05, 2018

Two new pieces!

 (Above:  In Box CCCXXX, detail.  Click on any image to enlarge.)

Today my husband Steve and I are closing our business, Mouse House, early and heading north to Asheville.  It is always great news when one's gallery requests more artwork.  We are delivering.  Of course, this presents a slight problem.  I'm doing the Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show in less than a month.  Thus, I will have to work hard to replace the pieces I'm taking to the Grovewood Gallery today!  Thankfully, I've just finished In Box CCCXXX and can turn my attention to the work I need to make for the upcoming show. 

(Above:  In Box CCCXXX. Framed: 25 1/4" x 37 1/4".  Polyester stretch velvets on recycled, black packaging felt with free-motion stitching and melting techniques. $695.)

Working in a limited palette is challenging for me.  I'm so used to having all the colors, all the time.  Working in blues and purples is especially challenging.  These are the colors to which I'm least likely to gravitate.  I'm more of a "Tuscan/warm/rust, mustard, and olive green" person!  Yet, I am quite pleased with this cooler toned work!

(Above:  God is a Fairy Tale.  15" x 21 3/4".)

For the rest of the month, I will have to resist making more and more work for the upcoming March Alternative Storytellers show.  I don't need more!  I already have too many for my allotment of space, but I just couldn't help myself when it came to this mother-of-pearl Korean lacquerware. I got it at my weekly auction along with a piece of framed embroidery (which interested me ... the lacquerware was just "with it", not really what I wanted.)  It was obviously made for the tourist industry.  After all, what traditional Asian craft would feature a very Western looking church with a cute steeple? The scene reminded me of the ballet Giselle, but seriously ... who outside ballet circles really knows that story.  I googled several phrases including:  Fairy tales with night scenes, mother-of-pearl in a fairy tale, and finally churches in fairy tales.  One of the listed entries included an article called "Christianity is a Fairy Tale."  Having been brought up Lutheran and having converted to Catholicism, this title struck me as rather brazen.  I had to start reading it.  It wasn't long before I had my phrase for the lacquerware.  It only took about a half hour to transform the scene with a little gold metallic paint and letters clipped from vintage ephemera.  I know this will offend some.  Frankly, I don't agree but it does put the conversation in the air!

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Jan R said...

Your newest piece, In Box CCCXXX, won't be around for long. While it is traditional colors for you, it will be a favorite for many. Love it!