Monday, February 04, 2019

Seasonal Leaves: Summer

 (Above:  Seasonal Leaves: Summer.  Inventory # 4411. Framed: 29 1/4" x 23 1/4"; unframed: 21" x 17".  Polyester stretch velvet, metallic foil, free-motion stitching and melting techniques.)

In the past, I've made four pieces for four seasonal ... duh!  Originally, I thought of Autumn in olive green, dull yellows, and rust colors.  Winter was in blues and silver. For spring, Easter egg pastels.  Summer was red, orange, copper ... hot colors!  It wasn't until last November when a nice man bought "Summer" and called it "Autumn" that I thought about my choices.  

 (Above:  Seasonal Leaves: Summer, detail.)

Not everyone sees the seasons in the same palette.  Not everyone associates "hot colors" for summer.  In fact, when thinking about leaves and trees and summer foliage, green might just be a much more appropriate color.  So this is Seasonal Leaves: Summer! Green is the compliment to red.  It just seems right.

 (Above:  Seasonal Leaves: Summer, detail.)


Els said...

Ahhhh Susan, LOVE this "monochrome" one !!!

Ann Scott said...

Oh, so beautiful!

anne wolf said...

These are gorgeous! I would love to see the original tutorial of your technique, but it is unavailable on the blog. Might you repost it?