Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Lunette XXXV

(Above:  Lunette XXXV.  Framed: 22" x 28"; unframed: 16" x 22".  Layers of polyester stretch velvet on recycled black industrial felt with self-guided/free motion machine stitching and melting techniques.  Click on either image to enlarge.)

Galleries were closed and shows were cancelled during the pandemic.  It took a while until my In Box and Stained Glass Series had opportunities to find permanent homes.  Finally, there were a few virtual shows and the Grovewood Gallery re-opened.  Sales trickled in ... and now ... there is a good reason to make more artwork.  I need more work!  Yippee!

(Above:  Detail of Lunette XXXV.)

Honestly, I don't just make these pieces for retail opportunities.  I LOVE making this artwork.  I regard it as my "signature series".  But ... how many framed pieces does one need in a series?  It got depressing to make another one, to constantly use the same materials, to run out of places to hang them, and to realize that no one was getting the chance to see any of it.  During the pandemic, I explored all sorts of different ideas.  I made lots of work about the pandemic, social justice, and even played with abstract compositions.  I learned plenty.  Now, it feels wonderful to return to my stash of polyester velvet.  It feels good to cut colorful circles and squares, fuse them together, and run my machine at top speed over the layers.  The timing is right!

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Christine said...

Great news! So happy for you. Wonderful to see some new designs of 'old' style.