Tuesday, July 06, 2021

In Box CCCLXXXIX, inspired by Barcelona

(Above:  In Box CCCLXXXIX, detail. Framed: 24" x 20"; unframed 16" x 12". $375 plus tax and shipping.  Layers of polyester stretch velvet on recycled, black industrial felt with hand stitching and melting techniques.  Click on any image to enlarge.)

Several weekends ago, Steve and I visited Tallulah Falls in Georgia, spent the night in Sylva, NC, and delivered artwork to the Grovewood Gallery in Asheville.  While riding in the van, I hand stitched an In Box piece very similar to this one.  Generally, I only create one of these colorful artworks while on a road trip.  Well ... we went to Smithville, Tennessee to collect my solo show Last Words.  The exhibit at the Appalachian Center for Craft had come to an end.  Going there and back was an opportunity hand stitched another one!  

(Above:  In Box CCCLXXXIX.)

Although this one might look similar to other hand-stitched In Box Series pieces, this one felt different.  The reason was simple!  The last one was sold to a wonderful woman who saw in it an aerial view of Barcelona!  Now ... it isn't unusual for one to see an aerial view; it is an important part of my original concept! I've always and intentionally meant for my In Box Series to be aerial views of an imaginary Friedensreich Hundertwasser city.  The colorful palette, the lack of a perfectly straight line, and the individual motifs in each "box" have always been my way of interpreting Hundertwasser's palette, his dislike for straight lines, and his emphasis on individualism. Next November when I'm in my booth at the Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show, I will tell interested people all about Hundertwasser.  Dozens upon dozens of times I will explain that my In Box Series is meant to be an aerial view.  Yet, until the fine lady showed me an aerial photo of Barcelona, I never knew just how much this fabulous Catalan city looks like my artwork! 


(Above:  Aerial view of Barcelona.) 

On our recent trip, Steve and I reminisced about our trip to Barcelona, about architect Antoni Gaudi, and the frequent references between Gaudi and Hundertwasser with regards to their use of mosaics and their contributions to their country's architectural style and aesthetics.  When we went to Barcelona, I had hoped to find inspiration in Gaudi's buildings.  I was overwhelmed, awed, and spiritually moved but I didn't think I found any new inspiration.  Perhaps ... that's because it was already in my work!  Perhaps I just didn't know it!  

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Christine said...

Always wanted to go to Barcelona . ...you really must share this info about Barcelona. I shall go look up Hunderztwasser .....
Amazing what folk see in artworks. I attended the Van Gogh Experience at the Hippodrome last week and folk were sitting, standing, walking and even lying on the ground just to Experience his paintings.
Great post