Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Back from England/Subversive Stitchers: Women Armed with Needles!

Yesterday in the early evening Steve and I returned from England to a mountain of work, unanswered emails, telephone messages, framing, junk mail, and a very angry cat. (My artistic mentor, Stephen Chesley, did look in on Shadow almost every day....but she was still mad!)

The trip was wonderful. Mathias and his girlfriend Laura-Jane danced beautifully. I got to meet Laura-Jane's parents; they are fantastic. I took over three hundred photos. We spent a day in Liverpool and another day in Chester. We rode in a cute 1830s replica coal train but missed the last "ferry 'cross the Mersey". I stitched on two more grave rubbing quilts, collected several interesting epitaphs, and made a rubbing dated 1659! So...there will be blog posts coming soon.

While away, the fantastic writer Dawn Goldsmith published my guest blog post on Subversive Stitchers: Women Armed with Needles! With a title like that, how could I possibly refuse to write! Anyway.....CLICK HERE to read the article.

Now....back to work....including mounting and framing all six recently finished faux-stained glass pieces!


Wanda said...

Welcome back! I"m so glad you got to meet Laura-Jane's parents and see the kids dance and get some rubbings in etc etc. I'm sure you are swamped now..you'll get all caught up...you always do even though it feels like you won't.

Wanda said...

By the way...great coverage on that other blog!!!

Dawn said...

Hey Susan, Welcome back! We love you at Subversive Stitchers and thanks for the mention, here. Don't be a stranger, come and visit and feel free to guest blog whenever you want. I have fallen in love with your work, not only the grave rubbings, but I find such depth and emotion in everything you make. And thanks for calling me a Great WRiter! You made my day. If only my agent could hear that more often. :)


Bill Evertson said...

Can't wait to see the inspirations from your trip. Also enjoyed your guest blog post.

Connie said...

Susan, I am a great fan of your work and just learned that Blues Chapel will be in Denton this fall. Will you be visiting? I am a member of Dallas Area Fiber Artists and would love to arrange something with this group if possible. Also I would think the University Fibers program would be interested in connecting with you.

Margeeth said...

Cat's are always insulted when there owners have been away (or should I say 'personel'?)